XinaBox Arduino Zero Compatible Kit

Arduino users can build devices in minutes with our comprehensive eco-system of 60+ modular sensors, output, control and communication, and auxiliary xChips.

XinaBox Raspberry Pi Extension Kit (XK03)

This kit helps Raspberry Pi lovers build sophisticated electronic devices in minutes. With XinaBox’s modular sensors for weather, hand gestures, proximity, acceleration/movement, volatile and organic gases, as well as capacitive touch, your Pi is transformed into an IoT hub, together with its own mini OLED display for local device monitoring.

XinaBox IoT Starter Kit for Python, powered by Zerynth (XK12)

XinaBox has partnered with Zerynth to deliver a revolutionary IoT kit, which dramatically simplifies building electronic devices. By combining modular electronics with an ecosystem of software tools in Python, we aim to dramatically cut development time, speed to market, and costs. We provide libraries, tutorials and sample code for all the components in this kit, as well as access to the complete eco-system of 65+ xChips covering you for sensors, output, control and communication functionality.