Advertising on Oz Robotics

Advertising on Oz Robotics

Here on Oz Robotics Entrepreneurs Technology Marketplace everything is based on simplicity to create more efficient and productive results.

If you like to advertise and showcase your tech products or services like all of our vendors, we have a productive solution for that too. For $900/year ($75 a month) you can create your vendor account here: Once you are approved by our team, you can showcase your tech company and services on your vendor page as you see fit, including adding your phone number, business address, work you have done, social media links, testimonials, references and/or work-related videos within our provision.

We currently have two options for productive advertising

Option 1: You create your vendor account on Oz Robotics Technology Marketplace and list your own tech services and company info for us to advertise. We will do all the Organic SEO and other relevant Meta work.

Option 2: If you would like us to create your vendor account and showcase your tech services and company info instead, then there is a one-time charge of $1500 for account creation, activation, setup and configuration on Oz Robotics. This task will include account creation, service showcasing, configuring your page with your logo, banner, social media, company overview, image cropping and some other tasks such as deploying Organic SEO and Meta Tags and content management.

How we market at Oz Robotics

  1. Organic SEO with Premium Software and SEO Engineering
  2. Social Media for Reader Engagement
  3. Blog Articles for both internal and external platforms
  4. Direct Mail / Email Marketing
  5. Videos, including your own product videos
  6. Business Networking and Events
  7. Tech Fairs and Trade Shows (vital to building strong client relations)
  8. Digital Newsletters
  9. Other methodologies such as paid advertising
  10. Oz Affiliate Network – Our affiliates place our products where their visitors, customers and friends will see it and they earn cash on every qualifying sale made through their ads by sending their customers to our website.
  11. Collaborative Digital Marketing (Vendors’ own efforts with link sharing, forwarding and other social media activities).
  12. To help promote your products for SEO backlinking purposes, it is important that you also link your Oz Robotics’ store or product URL on your own website, or share on your social media.
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