Advertise with Oz Robotics

Advertise with Oz Robotics

Drive Traffic to your Website, Business and Products

Connect your brand to Oz Robotics’ visitors and customers to drive traffic to your Website, Business and Products.

If you cannot partner with Oz Robotics because of any contractual stipulations, we still can help you to create a solution that fits best with your business model and marketing needs. Advertise to Oz Robotics’ visitors and customers, and direct them to your website. In this way, you will not lose any sales that we might be generating for you.

I'm already a vendor/supplier

For a one-time payment of $990, showcase your Social Media links (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat) under your product page banner and profile. See it here.

I'm not a vendor/supplier

At $1188/year, list up to 12 products and keep 100% of each sale. Your company, products and social media links will be visible to gain maximum exposure. All traffic online will be forwarded to your website. See the Benefits.

Other Advertisement Opportunities

Buy VIP Ad Space on the Oz Robotics homepage for $10,990 a year to showcase your products. For more information, email us now at Advertise with us today and you will get a 10% discount.

How we market at Oz Robotics

  • Google Paid AdWords Marketing and Analytics
  • Google Paid Merchant Shops to reach people already looking for tech products
  • Your product will be advertised on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to thousands of followers
  • Organic SEO Engineering with Paid Premium Software
  • Social Media for Reader Engagement: Have your product showcased next to popular tech products
  • Blog Articles for both internal and external platforms
  • Direct Mail / Email Marketing
  • Facebook Marketplace Shops
  • Your product will be highlighted among other well received tech product spotlight
  • Business Networking, Events, Referrals and Word of Mouth
  • Tech Fairs and Trade Shows
  • Digital Newsletters: We will get your product into the inbox of thousands our subscribers
  • Oz Robotics Affiliate Network
  • Collaborative Digital Marketing (Vendors’ own efforts with link sharing, forwarding and other social media activities)
  • Other methodologies such as paid advertising and offline marketing, and more!
  • We will help you to extend your reach for extra sales, brand awareness and exposure.