What to pay attention the most when adding your products

What to pay attention the most when adding your products

  1. Use the best feature image for the product – The first impression is the most important. The size of the featured image should not be smaller than 1000px wide or 750px height with .jpg format because .PNG format can be very bulky and slow to loading on customer browser.
  2. Provide detailed descriptions that appeal to your customer’s emotions
  3. Include multiple images of the product from various angles. The size of the gallery images should not be smaller than 1000px wide and 750px height with .jpg format for faster load.
  4. Include complete specifications and dimensions
  5. A relevant Product Title and Tags are very crucial for your product to stand out, to be found, and become visible.
  6. Add customer reviews and testimonials if you have
  7. Cross-sell with other related products
  8. Create blog posts for your products to describe benefits. Link your product that you have listed on Oz Robotics to your blog article to create an internal linking for higher exposure – Click here to begin: https://ozrobotics.com/writer-dashboard/
  9. Share your product listed on Oz Robotics on social media to generate additional traffic to your product page
  10. Link your Oz Robotics product page or store to your own website under Where To Buy section to generate backlinking
  11. * Use white label videos to educate your audience about your product. White Label Video means without your website URL at the beginning or in the end of the video other than the product or company name.

Please do not ship wrong product!

If you do not have exact product that been sold from your store on Oz Robotics, then please DO NOT ship a product with a wrong color or size thinking that the buyer may accept it! NO, not only the buyer won’t accept it, but also they have full right to complain and ask for full refund or exchange for a product they did not purchased. If a customer buys a product with blue then ship the blue color not green. If you are out of stock then update us and put your product out of stock in your Oz account. Because if you ship a wrong product then it will create unnecessary work for us and you to deal with, therefore please do not ship wrong product! Such attempt may end up for termination of your partnership with Oz Robotics without any consent. Marketplaces do share red flagged and black-listed vendors/suppliers.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Ways to Improve Your Oz Robotics Shop Conversion

Optimize your product page

When you are looking to increase traffic for your product page; your relevant text, images, videos and product related tags can be good points to start. You need to use more than just a tag or copying and pasting some text from your own website. Make your page easy to read from start to finish and include relevant TAGS for potential buyers to find it easily. Optimize your product images for minimum of 1000 x 1000 pixel size, and don’t forget to use products images in english titles and names for the best SEO optimization and product visibility.

How the World Buys Online

PayPal’s survey examined the online and cross-border shopping habits of over 23,200 consumers in 29 countries to uncover opportunities and best practices for merchants who want to grow their international business.

Insights about international buyers

PayPal and Ipsos research provides insight into where consumers are buying from, what’s important to them and how they pay for goods and services.*

Bought in the USA: #1

The US is still the #1 destination for all cross-border shoppers (25% purchased from US-based websites in the past 12 months).

China On the Rise

32% of Chinese respondents shopped cross-border in 2015, vs. 26% in 2014 and this has increased in 2017.

The Top Drivers and Barriers

1. Mobile Matters More than Ever.

Mobile commerce is a key driver of global online shopping: 47% of online shoppers made a purchase via smartphone in the last year …and still growing: Mobile commerce accounted for a reported 16% of consumer online spend in the last 12 months; estimated to grow to 19.4% in the next 12 months.

2. Invest in SEO

SEO has a big influence on online cross-border shoppers. Top methods cited for finding international websites: “I go directly to websites I have used in the past” (58%) “I go directly to websites I know the web address for” (40%) “When I search for particular brands or products on a search engine, sometimes this leads me to foreign sites” (38%).

3. Keep Shipping Top of Mind

Shipping cost is the top reason for cart abandonment among cross-border shoppers: 43% of those who abandon a purchase cite “shipping/postage charges were too high” Almost half of shoppers (47%) say delivery costs deter them from making international purchases more often 50% of shoppers say free shipping would make them more likely to buy cross-border; 38% cite free return shipping as a potential driver.

Whether you’re new to selling internationally or a pro, it pays to have a plan in place. We’ve outlined easy ways to consider when planning for international growth. More here.

The top reasons that consumers are buying cross-border online:

Better prices (76%)

Access to items not available in my country (65%)

I can discover new and interesting products (59%)

Websites in this country have more variety/availability of different products and styles (52%)

Shipping is more affordable (50%)

The most popular destinations for cross-border shoppers to buy from online:

China (21%)

USA (17%)

UK (13%)

Germany (7%)

Japan (4%)

The top barriers to cross-border shopping among those consumers who shop cross-border include:

Delivery shipping costs (43%)

Concern that they may not receive the item (35%)

Return shipping costs (34%)

Having to pay customs duties/fees and/or taxes (33%)

Too much to handle!

Expand your international sales with the help of Oz Robotics

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* Starting from January 1st 2018, there will be a monthly subscription fee for new suppliers/vendors partners and resellers.

The global sales opportunity with Oz Robotics

Globalization and internet adoption are creating opportunities for small businesses to reach new customers abroad, but studies shows that individual website owners going through hard times to maintain their sites with fast changing technology, online security breaches with fraudulent purchases and overall marketing.

A Good Meta Description for SEO and Social Media

A 160 character snippet that summarizes a product’s content; that’s what we call a Meta Description. Search engines like google show the meta description in search results mostly when people search for the phrase is contained in the description. The purpose of a meta description is to get the visitor from search engines to click your product link.

Do not use auto-generating meta descriptions which is a bad idea in our view. Search Engine Optimization is not something you can do on autopilot. Instead type in manually about the product that you are listing on Oz Robotics. If you need help simply contact us with your meta description for us to review it.

Make Your Product Images SEO Friendly

Photos and product images are very important for your products in your store. They make your product more vivid and can contribute great visibility into the Organic Search Engine Optimization on your product page for all Search Engines. Before you upload your product images, you can start optimizing them by resizing them correctly with English Names, Titles and use an Alt Text for each. This will definitely make your images contribute to your product rankings on all search engines. Nevertheless, it will improve the accessibility and UX in your products for customer satisfaction.

Use right images for the best internet experience

When you optimize a product image, make it maximum 640 pixel wide, this will help download speed on all devices and internet connections regardless of their speeds. A well-optimized product image also has the right name and alt text, will optimized your product for the best search engines experience.

More Visibility on Social Media

Well optimized right images, when added with a certain consideration, will help potential buyers understand your product much better. “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Good quality images with 640 pixel wide simply make your products on social media posts more enticing for sure.

A very simple recommendation: Add images to every product you list online. They’ll make it more appealing.

Finding the right image

Add your own product image, please do so. Your products needs pictures of your work. Your products needs an image titles and saved with the same subject as your product. If you would use an image just to use an image and expect a green result, you are doing it all wrong. The product image should be the reflection of the product. If this product called “Smart Watch for Kids” the images for this product should be saved as: Smart Watch for Kids.

There is a simple reason for that: A product image that is titled by related text, ranks better for the keyword it is optimized for.

Shipping for Vendors

Please do not forget to enter your Shipping RatesShipping and Return Policies. Add your shipping fees separately for each item within their product page during your listing. Please DO NOT enter your shipping fees from Dashboard > Settings because this section is for single products, and single purchase shipping fees only not for multiple purchases.

Shipping Rates: From PRODUCTS, edit each of your product separately and enter your Shipping Fees for each country using their two letters of country code, then SAVE it.

Shipping and Return Policies: From SETTINGS > SHIPPING enter your Shipping and Return Policies.

Upon a purchase, after you ship the product to our customer, please login to your Dashboard, and mark the Product Shipped by entering the shipping tracking number, and other required information under the ORDERS section for our customer to track their shipping.

Marking Product Shipped: From ORDERS page, scroll down and hover over the Ordered Product to View Order Details, Shipping Label, Order Note, Tracking Number and Mark Shipped options.

Please DO NOT use product images, logo, banner and other materials that have your website URL and Phone Number.