Freelancers, Manufacturers, Employers & Job Seekers

Work with us to generate more revenue by offering your skills and services to our customers


If you are a Freelancer, partner with us to showcase your skills with $9/month for employers to hire you. We will not take any margin from your sales. All traffic online will be forwarded to your website, or social media page.


If you’re a Manufacturer, partner with us to showcase your services with $9/month for our customers to order from you. You’ll have the freedom to start a conversation with potential customers via email, or a phone call.


This is a free service for Employers to Post Jobs, and Job Seekers to find one. If you’re looking for a Candidate for your job opening, please post your job description here in order for Job Seekers to submit their resume.


Whether you are a Company, an Entrepreneur, or a Student, you can always talk to one of our freelance experts about your project. You can negotiate the price and keep in touch with them until your work is complete.


After finding a manufacturer for your project, you can contact them directly to discuss and negotiate terms without any intermediate. Upon your approval, the manufacturer will then begin working on your project.


As a Job Seeker you can post your skills descriptively, or resume with details free of charge, You can preview your job submission before it goes live after the approval, you can edit your resume further as needed.

Thank you for working with Oz Robotics