Engineering Job Board for Job Seekers and Employers - By Oz Robotics

Here you will have your own portal and management tools where you can post your resume (CV), update your profile, and be searchable by Employers in Engineering and Technology. Our modern and easy to use Job Board includes separate portals and tools for both Job Seekers and Employers – everything you need to quickly list a job or search one.

Job Seekers
Job seekers can apply to listed jobes with their resume covering past experience, education, skills, and specialities. A separate section for browsing resumes is visible and even searchable. With the job search market so hot, now is the time to capitalize! Keep track of all your job searches from within your account.

Post A Job | Jobs | My Job Dashboard

Easy to use
Submit and manage your resume and experience easily.

Search and filter
We used Searchable and Filterable ajax technology for job listings for simplicity.

Frontend forms
We used Frontend Forms for job seekers to submit and manage their resumes and, employers to search job listings very easily.

User friendly
We used a technology that allows you to easily output individual jobs in various formats, lists of jobs, a job submission form and even an employer dashboard which logged in users can use to view, edit and delete their job listings.

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