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News and Announcements for our Supplier Partners

Fishing Drone

Fisherman FD1 Fishing Drone FPV Bundle

Robot Cat

Cutest Programmable Open Source Robot Cat for STEM and Fun

Educational Electronic Starter Kit

Hardware Component Educational Electronic Starter Kit with Motors, Actuators, and Sensors

Engraving Etching Machine for Non-Metal Marking

Engraving Etching Machine for Non-Metal Marking

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Wireless Wi-Fi Robotic Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner ESLAM Navigation M1-GBL

Robot Dog with Mapping and Navigation Sensors

ROS Robot Dog with Lidar Support Mapping and Navigation Based on Raspberry Pi

Robot Building Toy for Kids to Learn How to Assemble Robots while Having Fun!

STEM Toys for Kids to learn how to build a robot!

Speech Privacy Device

Wireless and hands-free mask to protect your speech privacy even on the go.

Webcam Background Curtain for Camera Recordings

Camera Background Curtain for Gaming to Professional meetings, the Webaround is designed to provide the best background solution and optimize your video conferencing.

Fishing Drone

The multi-functional waterproof drone can be used for Filming, Fishing, Rescue, Survey, and Research.

Engraving Machines

Machine for Engrave Metal Tags

Portable Power Stations

Emergency power sources for disaster prevention at home, a power source for outdoor camping,

Rugged Mobile Robotics Platform

This robot is ready for whatever you throw. With a chassis designed to take a beating, the Rover Pro is a highly rugged and capable mobile robotics platform.

Accelerometer Motion Sensor

6 Axis Bluetooth Accelerometer Motion Sensor with BLE5.0 Chip for Acceleration Value Detection

Website Backup

Backup your Website Daily! And Restore it with One-click when needed!

Embedded Systems

We manufacture certain Embedded Systems for businesses, industries, schools, and professionals.

Omni and Mecanum Wheels

We offer custom manufacturing, modification, and customization for Mecanum and Omni Wheels.

Mobile Robot for Home Monitoring

Home security mobile robot for intelligent surveillance.

Robot Dog – For Legged Robot Pet

Robot Dog- Real four-legged Robot Pet for every person and company with the industrial class material and consumer class affordable price

Mini Industrial Robot Arm

Mini Industrial Robot

Science Kits on STEM Education

STEM Education Kit

Transparent Display Screen

While browsing endless streams of Youtube videos, I recently came across something that caught my eye. We’ve done market research on transparent LED panels, but I’ve never watched a large installation’s full time-lapse. A few things struck me that highlight some key differences between LED and our ClearBright film that I thought would be worth sharing with our followers.

TF03 LiDAR Sensor

 Benewake launched the BITS, the Benewake Intelligent Traffic System, to provide an effective traffic statistic collecting solution, which can effectively and accurately detect multiple types of traffic statistics, such as vehicle model (profile), vehicle speed, and vehicle height.

Universal Robots

Universal Robots is a manufacturer of smaller flexible industrial collaborative robot arms.

KUKA Robots

KUKA Robots offers industrial robots in various versions with various payload capacities and reaches.

Hyundai acquired Boston Dynamics

In 2021, Hyundai Robotics acquired ‘Boston Dynamics, Inc.

FedEx Delivery Robot

FedEx Delivery Robot

Frameless Motors

High torque density motors

AK Motors for Your Robots

BLDC Motors for Robotics

Kawasaki Robotics

Kawasaki Robotics produced the first commercial, the industrial robot, in Japan in 1969

Motoman Robotics

Motoman Industrial Automation and Robotics Solutions

Virtual Reality Glove is EVOLVING!

CaptoGlove Virtual Reality Glove is EVOLVING!