FAQs for Sellers

FAQs for Sellers

Questions concerning selling Tech Products on Oz Robotics

Oz Robotics is a Multi-Vendor eCommerce Tech Marketplace focused on products within Technology. We’re a B2C (Business-to-Consumer) and B2B (Business-to-Business) model selling directly to the end consumer and businesses. Entrepreneurs, startups and established companies sign up on our marketplace to list their goods. We then take over their listings and make sure their items are 100% relevant for organic SEO and google search algorithms and methodologies. We sell their products for them.

Listing on Oz Robotics is Free. For tangible products our partnership margin starts at 15% for each sale. After the first 12 months per our success rate in sales the partnership margin may go up which is based on the negotiation with the supplier and the international shipping cost. However, if you have products with much lower margins then please let us know your rates, we are open to ideas, negotiations, offers and suggestions. Crowdfunding Projects and Pre-Orders are welcome. Initially our vendor partners keep minimum of 85% of the item price, regardless of whether you are an Exclusive or Non-Exclusive partner with Oz Robotics. We do not buy in bulk. We work with drop shipping only.

Buyer fees are either calculated as a % of the item price or are set at a fixed amount. Here at Oz Robotics, we keep things simple and functional while focusing on what’s most important.

For now we work with drop shipping until further notice.

You have Distribution Partners and Reps in all countries therefore you would like to know if you can get them setup as a reseller of your products on Oz Robotics? – Yes you can, for more details go to here.

You are a Manufacturer or Tech Services Company and do not have Retail Products but still want to be on Oz Robotics? Yes you can still partner with Oz Robotics and list your tech services and company info. Go to here for more details.

From your DASHBOARD > SETTINGS > SHIPPING page enter your Local and International Shipping Rates along with your Shipping and Return Policies, Product Handling fee (if you have one), Refund and Exchange Policies descriptively.

From your DASHBOARD > ORDERS page scroll down and hover the ordered product to see View Order Details, Shipping Label, Order Note, Tracking Number and Mark Shipped option to choose “Mark Shipped” once you ship the product to the buyer.

The required size for your store banner is:
Ratio of width: 1920px
Ratio of height: 360px
Format: .jpg or .png

The required size for your store and vendor logo is:
Ratio of width: 280px
Ratio of height: 280px
Format: .jpg or .png

You can upload up to 30 images to display each products in both .jpg or .png format.

We will promote your products on Google®, Yahoo!®, Bing® and Yandex to increase traffic and get more customers. Get insights about your internal link texts and page authority metrics for free. SEO Services.

Our easy to use and secure Multi-Vendor Marketplace allows companies to sell their unique products, whether they are Physical Products, Downloadable Goods or Auctionable Items. We help our partners/vendors with their Organic SEO on Oz Robotics. We’ve also created a Tech Blog for entrepreneurs to write about their products to help them to promote their work. Nevertheless we promote our marketplace on social medias and internet using paid and/or organic methods to let sellers and consumers to learn more about Oz Robotics Entrepreneurs Technology Marketplace to Create, Buy and Sell Drones, Robotics, Webs, Apps, Domains and Cool Techs.

We are constantly improving our marketplace website to serve you better. As technology advances, we make sure to have the latest web apps and upgrades to make your business safer and better. Any ideas on how to improve Oz Robotics? Submit your feedback here.

Everything you need in one place within Information Technology. We do not sell clothes, shoes and bags, but strictly IT related products and cool techs. This make sellers’ and buyers’ jobs easier to focus on specific items and shops. Explore new and cool technologies from a global array of networks, including startups, established companies, innovators, designers, engineers and developers. One simple interface is all you need to sell your creative work.

List your items with your regular sales price.

Our Auction System works through buying or selling unique goods such as Domain Names, Websites, Apps or services such as freelancing through a bidding system, taking the bids and then selling the product to the highest bidder.

You the supplier/seller will not ship the item until we send you the full payment.

There is no listing no monthly fees. Not only is it free to list on Oz Robotics, you won’t pay anything until your item sells.

Oz Robotics’ transaction fees are based on what PayPal or Escrow charges. We follow 100% transparency in all buying and selling transactions. At oz Robotics There are no hidden fees or surprise agenda.

You, the supplier is in charge of support for your own product(s). Supporting your listed products here is not a requirement but some buyers tend to have questions about the item(s) and require assistance. Therefore you may offer technical support for your item. There is no buyer fee associated with support extensions.