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Building a Meaningful and Productive Partnership

This is a written agreement between Oz Robotics and You, the Supplier Partner. Please read this page carefully before you Sign Up.

Account Name

In the account creation form, please enter the actual first and last name of the person who owns the company that you are working for or creating this supplier account for. Do not use staff names regardless of their status in the company. See this sample.

Create your supplier account “Username” with your company or website name for a successful marketing strategy. Do not use your first or last name, email address, initials, or abbreviations as your ‘Username’ because they are not marketable. See this sample. Your email address should end with your company or website name, just like in the sample. By continuing, you agree to Oz Robotics’ supplier account “username” and “email” rules.

Payments and Deposits

We cannot send you payments to email addresses such as; Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Yandex,,,,,, or, etc. You must use a PayPal email address that ends with your Company Name or Website Name or use for any email above. Please note that from time to time, we may offer a 5% educational discount or special offers for Christmas, New Year, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, etc., in order to increase your sales. As a result of such campaigns, if any sale(s) generated for you, then the 5% discount will be deducted from your retail price.

Shipping and Fees

You agree to enter your own shipping fees within each product page separately. You agree to ship an order made on Oz Robotics within three to five business days from the date of payment via FEDEX, DHL, UPS, or USPS unless there an irreversible reason which must be informed to Oz Robotics within three days for us to update the customer because customers want to know why their orders are not shipped on time. If we don’t update the customer sooner about their shipment status, they will cancel the order and ask for a full refund. Please ship all the orders using Standard Shipping unless we send you additional payments for other shipping methods.

After you ship the order, please return to your Vendor Dashboard to confirm shipment with its Tracking Number under Orders for our staff and customer to track the shipment. If you do not confirm the shipment within a maximum of 5 days, then it will be considered “not shipped.” Please check our Order Notification email to see the customer’s Shipping Address. Check your spam box if you did not receive an order notification email from us.

Support and Refunds

We all would want our customers to be happy with their new purchase, and we value their feedback about the products we sell and how we work. Customer Service is a top priority at Oz Robotics, and we do our best to help our customers with the first-class service we’re known for. Therefore, you agree to provide before and after-sale technical support, and accept replacements “if necessary,” and offer refunds for manufacturing faults, and errors in the product (electronics do stop working unexpectedly due to manufacturing errors or unknown malfunctions), or accidental damages during the shipment which is not customer’s fault following our Seller Policy.

You are responsible for the item until it reaches the buyer at the shipping address provided. We recommend you purchasing insurance for high-value shipments. For faulty products, you will be in charge of providing a prepaid return shipping label for our customer to return the broken product for a replacement or refund. Our Customer and Oz Robotics are not responsible for returning shipping labels and any shipping fees to replace or cancel such order for a refund once the decision is made. How to sell more!

Thank you for partnering with Oz Robotics