Opportunities with Oz Robotics

Opportunities with Oz Robotics

Tech Startups, Entrepreneurs, Distribution Partners, Manufacturers, Service Companies, App & SaaS Firms, Bloggers, Power Sellers and Savvy Marketers

If you are a Tech Startup, an Entrepreneur or an Established Company

If you are a Startup or an Established Tech Company, an Entrepreneur with tech products you can always and at anytime partner with Oz Robotics to list your work for us to sell them for you regardless where you are located. More Details

If you have Distribution Partners and Channels

If you cannot partner with Oz Robotics due to distribution partners, then you can have us partner with one of your distributors to get setup as a reseller of your products. This will boost your international sales, marketing, brand identity and product exposure, online visibility and Organic Search Engine Optimization in general. More Details

If you are an App or SaaS Company

With either option below, we too will need to sign up on your website to become your affiliate partner, and use our Affiliate URL provided by you, in your Oz Robotics’ vendor account External/Affiliates section for your product(s). This will help the potential buyer land on your website when they decide to buy. More Details

If you are a Tech Manufacturer or a Tech Service Company:

If you are a manufacturer or tech service company, and you do not have retail products to list on Oz Robotics, you can still partner with us. See More Details.

Are you an entrepreneur, blogger, power seller or savvy marketer?

You can make money by selling our techs on your website and on social media. See More Details.

Crowdfunding Projects and Pre-Orders are welcome

Smart Techs, Robotics, Drones, 3D Printing, Apps, Computer games, and all other Crowdfunding Projects and Pre-Orders are welcome. More Details

Dobot Arm 3D Printing Robot
Universal Ground Control Software for Drones