First Australian Sterilisation Robot

Rotacaster 48mm Double (90A) firm polyurethane roller Acetal BearingRotacaster Wheels Guide First Australian Sterilisation Robot

The Rotacaster R4 Quad Mounted wheel base has been used by Australian, world-leading sterilisation equipment manufacturer, Atherton. The wheelbase has been used on Australia’s first Central Sterilising Department (CDSR) robot to ensure a safer and healthier workplace for staff at the Royal Hobart Hospital.

The CSD robot will be used for cleaning, disinfecting and sterilising reusable medical instruments and is expected to reduce staff workplace injuries often caused by repetitive lifting.

The robot utilises Rotacaster’s R4 Quad Mounted wheelbase, which is a common alternative to swivel casters. The quad formation provides significant strength and is capable of supporting loads of up to 220kg (Lateral 120kg / Static 220kg). The unique 360° manoeuvrability of Rotacaster’s omni-wheels allow applications to move with better directional control and tracking than traditional conventional castors.

Rotacaster’s omni-directional wheels have been used in other AGV (automated guided vehicle) and AMR (autonomous mobile robots) applications.

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