Setup Your Store

Setup Your Store

Setup your store, and add your products very easily!

Below, please click on the + sign to expand the page for each topic under each title.

Please do not add your website URL, email address, phone number, or office address on the product page. In addition, please use white-label product videos that do not include your website URL. Thank you.

Add your product with relevant images along with text content as well. Because Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines cannot find your product from images only. Instead, use both text and images for the best search results to sell more. Thank you.

STORE: Dashboard > Settings > Store

From your Dashboard, go to the SETTINGS tab and fill out all the necessary sections (Store Name, Store Description, Seller Information, and Address).

From your Dashboard, go to the SETTINGS tab, and under POLICIES, enter your Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

SAVE CHANGES to save your information.

PAYMENT: Dashboard > Settings > Payment

You will need to enter your PayPal address so we can send you your payment.

Optional: You can also enter your Bank information (Bank Account Name, Bank Account Number, Bank Name, Bank Routing Number, Bank IBAN, and Bank BIC/SWIFT). For orders over $3000, please fill out your bank information as it will save you PayPal‘s service fees of 2.9% + $0.30 transaction fee. However, please note, for bank wire transfers, the required service fee must be paid by you.

SAVE CHANGES to save your information.

BRANDING: Dashboard > Settings > Branding

Store Banner: Please upload your Store Banner (1920px wide and 360px height).
Store Icon/Logo: Please upload your Store Logo (Minimum 300px by 300px).

SAVE CHANGES to save your information.

SHIPPING: Dashboard > Settings > Shipping


From your Dashboard, first, go to SETTINGS, then click on the Shipping tab; from there, select either Flat Rate or Country Table Rate to begin. Save your selection and then go to your product page to separately enter their shipping fees within each product page.

Fill out the boxes that are relevant to your company. If they are not relevant, enter 0 (zero) for the following boxes:

Minimum shipping charge per order: $0.00

Free Shipping Order: $0.00

Maximum Product Charge: $0.00

Free Shipping Product: $0.00

Product Handling Fee: Please enter your handling fee

Shipping Policy: Please enter your shipping policy.

Return Policy: Please enter your return policy.

SAVE CHANGES to save your information.

Now go to your product page, and enter the shipping fee as you need. Then, click on the Add Rate button to begin. PLEASE ENTER YOUR SHIPPING FEES FOR COUNTRIES BELOW, and you are welcome to add some other countries that you believe we can sell your products to.

  1. United States of America
  2. Germany
  3. Canada
  4. Sweden
  5. United Kingdom
  6. France
  7. Netherlands
  8. Australia
  9. New Zealand
  10. Austria
  11. Italy
  12. Belgium
  13. Saudi Arabia
  14. Turkey
  15. Switzerland
  16. Japan
  17. Spain
  18. China
  19. Taiwan
  20. Israel
  21. South Africa
  22. South Korea
  23. Norway
  24. Mexico
  25. Denmark
  26. Poland
  27. Ireland
  28. Singapore
  29. Finland
  30. Hong Kong
  31. Portugal
  32. Brazil
  33. Indonesia
  34. India
  35. Russia
  36. Vietnam
  37. Malesia
  38. Greece
  39. Chile
  40. Iceland
  41. Luxembourg
  42. Argentina
  43. Philippines
  44. Malaysia
  45. Czech Republic
  46. Croatia
  47. United Arab Emirates
  48. Venezuela
  49. Romania
  50. Hungary

SAME SHIPPING FEE: If you want to use the same shipping fee for all countries, enter a shipping fee into the Shipping Fee box without selecting any country from the Country drop-down menu, and click on the SAVE CHANGES button to save.

DIFFERENT SHIPPING FEES: If you want to use a different shipping fee, for example, $10 for the USA, then select the United States from the Country drop-down menu on the left, and enter the shipping fee, for example, $10 into the Shipping Fee box and click on the SAVE CHANGES button.

QTY: On the right under the Override title, you will see QTY, which means regardless of the quantity in the cart, the same amount of the shipping fee will apply. Once the QTY box is checked, it will not add a shipping fee for each item in the cart.

MULTIPLE SHIPPING FEES: If you want to use one shipping fee for the USA and a different shipping fee for the rest of the world, then select the United States from the Country drop-down menu on the left and then enter the shipping amount into the Shipping Fee box on the right, and click on the SAVE CHANGES button to save. And enter a new amount into the Shipping Fee box without selecting any cautery from the Country drop-down menu and click on the SAVE CHANGES to save your entry.

PRODUCTS: Dashboard > Products

In your Dashboard > Products  > Add Product, enter all the relevant information. Once you fill out all the information, please click on SAVE CHANGES, and we will receive a notification to review (If you decide to come back later to complete this step, please click on SAVE DRAFT). Once we reviewed your product page to make sure it is 100% relevant for Organic and paid Google Ads, Content Management Methodologies, etc., we will publish it for you to go live.

Product Name

The product name should not exceed 70 characters. We strongly encourage you to submit titles with 70 characters or less whenever possible. See why it is so important!
How to use product images to increase your sales? Visit Optimizing your product images for Search Engines to learn how.

Product Description

This section is all about entering the necessary description, bullet points, and specifications for your product. You can be as descriptive as you want. Write about your products, their features, and for what application customers can use them.

Click on the SAVE DRAFT button to save your information.

Product Short Description

Here, you can summarize your product in the best way possible with one paragraph. Make sure you are not using the same paragraph as in the Product Description to prevent repetition. The “Product Short Description” should be unique.


Here, please make sure you are choosing the right category for your product. You have a maximum of 5 categories to choose from, but it is unnecessary to use them all. Even one is sufficient if that is the most relevant.


It is important to enter the most relevant tags for your product for visitors to find your products here on Oz Robotics. E.g., if your product is a drone, enter drone, selfie drone, UAV, or FPV drone, etc., be very specific. Also, enter your country name so consumers can search as “made in…” such as enter made in France if your technology was manufactured in France, or made in japan if you manufactured in Japan, etc. On the other hand, please DO NOT enter irrelevant tags, which will make it harder for your product to be found.

Featured Image

The Featured Image is the main product image and represents your product in the best way possible. It will be the most important image. Please make sure it has high resolution with 1000px width or 1000px height, or a minimum of 750 x 750 px with either size. It should be in. JPG format only, do not use PNG, and do not use GIF because of both. PNG and. GIFs are bulky and very slow to load!

Click on the SAVE DRAFT button to save your information.


The Gallery images will show more details about your products from different angles, maybe colors, size, features, etc. You can upload up to 20 images for each product for your gallery. Consumers check gallery images to fully understand your product and see all the angles and features of a product before they buy. Please use JPG format only, do not use PNG, and do not use GIF because of both. PNG and. GIFs are bulky and very slow to load!

Content Images

Always use text instead of images only because content with text is better for both paid and organic search results. Content with only images is not as good. If you choose to use some images within your text content, please use JPG format only, do not use PNG, and do not use GIF because of both. PNG and. GIFs are bulky and very slow to load!

Click on the SAVE DRAFT button to save your information.

Product Type

If your product does not have any variables (such as different colors and sizes), choose the default, which is the Simple Product option. If you have different colors and/or sizes of a product, please choose Variable Product. 

Virtual vs. Downloadable

There are two types of products under “Product Type,” which are Virtual and Downloadable. Do not check Virtual unless it is a subscribable product such as SAAS. It can also be transferable goods such as domain names. Please check Downloadable if your product comes with downloadable material or software (such as Reference Materials, audio files, CAD or Drawing file(s), Manuals, and/or Tutorials). If your product is neither, please do not mark Virtual or Downloadable.

Downloadable – Product Documentation, Reference Materials, CAD or Drawing file(s), Manuals and Tutorials

Once you checkmark the Downloadable option, the Add File button will appear at the bottom of the page. You may click and upload your files as needed. Please make sure your files are virus-free and harmless.

A customer will download the products immediately with the order confirmation email, including a Downloadable Link to the product file(s), which can also be downloaded from their My Account section if needed. If you run into any problems with uploading your files, please get in touch with us immediately. We’re here to help whenever you need us. Please DO NOT upload video files or files over 20MB.

Once you check “Downloadable,” then “Standard Product” will appear under Download Type. Choose the appropriate option (if it is a PDF manual, choose the Standard option. Please email us at 

Please note: You can alternatively copy and paste the product file URL if it is located on,, or similar file sites.


Enter your SKU (or ISBN or ISSN for books and journals). The SKU refers to a Stock-Keeping Unit, a unique identifier for each product and service that can purchase. It also helps customers to find your product easily within the website upon a search using the SKU number or name you have entered for your products. Each product SKU must be unique. No need to checkmark Private Listing unless it was agreed upon before Oz Robotics. Putting a product under Private Listing will kill its SEO. To make your product a private listing, please email us at Otherwise, it will show a 404 error. 

Regular Price ($)
This is the actual retail price that you are offering for your product as on your website.

Sale Price ($)
This is a special price that you are offering either for a special occasion or if your product is on sale. To enter a Sale Price ($), you will need to have the Regular Price entered.


  • If you want to manage your stock and monitor your sales this way, you can checkmark this option and enter your Stock Quantity.
  • Allow Backorders (if managing stock, this controls whether or not backorders are allowed).
  • Manage your Stock Status to control whether or not the product is listed as “in stock” or “out of stock,”
  • Please do not check Sold Individually if it doesn’t apply to you. Instead, contact us if you have any questions at


  • Edit each product separately, enter their shipping fees for each country using their two letters of country code, then SAVE it. No State is required unless if it is applicable for your item.
  • Leave the QTY box unchecked unless you charge a single shipping fee regardless of the number of items in the same cart.
  • If you want to apply a single shipping fee to all, or the remaining countries, enter your shipping fee without selecting any country from the drop-down menu and save it.


To showcase relevant products from your own inventory, choose Up-Sells or Cross-Sells. Then, on a product page, scroll all the way down until You may also like… and under that, this is where your Up-Sells products will show. See a live sample:


Choose the attributes option to create your variations if your product has different variations or options such as different colors, sizes, add-ons with different or additional pricing.

Click on the SAVE DRAFT button to save your information.

  • Product Warranty: Please add your Product Warranty at the bottom of each product page.

  • What’s Included: Please add What’s Included at the bottom of each product page for customers to know what they will get.

  • Import Tax/Customs Fee: If your product requires a customs fee, then please add that info at Dashboard > Settings > Shipping > Shipping Policy

  • Made In: Enter the name of your country as a tag within each of your product pages, such as “made in usa,” or “made in china,” or “made in france,” etc. This will help increase your sales locally.