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Ganker Fighting Robot


With the the Ultimate Combat Robot Ganker, battle your friends, customize your robot, and get the ultimate fighting score! Ganker is a small intelligent robot that meets the fighting and entertainment which has a strong ability to play and operational.

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Robot for Entertainment, Sports, Competitions, Social Gatherings, Family, Kids and Education

Ganker is a collection of fighting and entertainment in a small competition robot using the robot joint motion module, electromagnetic induction module, the front end of the operation module, fighting robots, soccer, racing, obstacle avoidance and other sports. Competitive by robots, and interact with their parents, friends, and professional players. At the same time, players can assemble a complete Ganker within 10 minutes, in the mobile terminal and the robot control APP appearance to the players left a huge DIY space, the player can be programmed to self-fighting action by APP through 3D printing and design your own unique robot appearance.

Your First Fighting Robot

Ganker Fighting Robot is the Ultimate Combat Machine!

Ganker Robot is a small competitive robot designed for maker education and entertainment. With robot joint movement module, electromagnetic sensor module and user controlling module to carry out various activities like battling, soccer playing, racing and obstacle avoiding.

Designed for high-end toy market, Ganker Robot is a robot that can fight as well as entertain. Users can take your GJS Ganker to fight with other robot fans, enjoying the fun of controlling a robot and doing social activities. Aiming at high-end robot fans, GJS will hold official robot battle competitions, in which users can get to win in tournaments and battle with robot owners all over the world.

With its modularized designs, users can assemble a fully functional Ganker Robot by themselves within 10 minutes. And many DIYs can be done in the controlling and the outfit of Ganker Robot. Users can set different fighting movements through mobile apps, as well as design your own Ganker outfit with 3D printing, during which you can make fun out of active learning. (Modularized design makes it easy to build and disassemble.) (User interface of the mobile controlling app, with which users can set different fighting movements easily.)

Battle your friends, customize your robot, and create the ultimate fighting machine. Ganker Robots: The Future of Fun!

Show your friends who the true robot master is. No longer do you have to go online or on your phone to engage in futuristic fun with your friends. Instead, bring robots into the real world, and return to the excitement of face to face competition.

Duel with your close friends, or bring Ganker robots to the party and make the people cheer with your robotic exploits. Customize your Ganker robot with specialized weapons and armors, then wage epic battles against other robot pilots. Don’t be surprised if your friendly rivalry gets a little heated.

A New Design

Ganker Robot is a small competitive robot designed for maker education and entertainment. With the new technology to carry out various activities like battling, soccer playing, racing and obstacle avoiding.

High Mobility

By being equipped with four all direction chassis, the robots can move so freakishly fast in any direction.

Fighting Robot


Joint Movement

In each joint of the Ganker robot there is a servo motor, and it is these motors that bring your robot to life. They allow your robot to move naturally and respond precisely to your fighting commands.

 What does the Fighting Robot App look like?

Sensor and Score System

Every piece of Ganker robot armor is equipped with a sensor to detect contact. When your robot is struck in specific critical areas one health point of “Blood” is deducted. If your “blood” level reaches zero, you lose the match.

Controlling Module

The driving and direction of the wheels are controlled by a mobile app. Every fighting movement of Ganker can be set by independently, making it a perfect robot for users of all ages.

Simple, Fast, Smooth

Ganker App gives you complete control of your robot. Simply connect your robot, launch the app, and go.

Fighting Combat Robot Personalized Armor

Fighting Robot Personalized Armor


Robot Fight





Ganker robots are a great hobby for kids and their parents to enjoy together. Ganker teaches kids the principles of engineering and robotics, while keeping parents involved in their children’s interests. The App control system, which can be used on IOS/Android, is so intuitive that everybody in the family will be able to enjoy robot fighting action. It is important to mention that Ganker robots, though designed for intense battle action, are 100% safe for young children.











Our vision is to one day host real life robot fighting tournaments. All you will need to enter the tournament closest to you is your own Ganker Robot. Will you join the competition, and risk the agony of defeat for the thrill of victory?

Our robots can move so freakishly fast in any direction because they are equipped with four all direction chassis. The movement control system uses advanced calculations to make sure all of your Ganker robot’s movements are quick and coordinated. Your robot is able to move as fast and as freely as you do.





Ganker Fighting Robot Quick Guide


Ganker Fighting Robot Ultimate Fighting Machine

iii. About the Entertainment Robot Market

Thanks to the development of data analysis and technologies in chip and sensors, the robot market has been expanding at a very fast speed. And with the advance of technologies, robot in the future will become more agile and more powerful to carry out complicated tasks like testing microchips. At present, 80% of the global robot market is dominated by industrial robots, but in the future, service robot will become the tipping point of robot market.

With the prevalence of smart robot technologies in smart appliances, human-computer interactive Internet services and medical equipment, service robots will probably become the next household consumer electronic product after computers and mobile phones.

China has been the biggest robot consumer market in the world in two consecutive years, according to the statistics of China Robot Industry Alliance. With the booming of industrial robot consuming, the service robot and household robot are also coming to a tipping point. There are nearly 100 Chinese start-ups in artificial intelligence in 2015, 65 of which got a total investment of ¥2.91 billion. And they focus mainly on industrial robots, service robots, smart hardware, etc.
And entertainment robots are more relevant to daily life, with a market worth of hundreds of billions. And consumers want more and more entertainment robots of various kinds to meet their demands.

In 2014, Shenzhen government announced its development plan for robots, wearable devices and smart equipment during 2014 and 2020, and it is clear that Shenzhen will make technical standards according to various fields, build all-round consumer robot R&D bases and incubators, make advance in key  technologies, and make smarter service robots. Based on the industrial abilities and development needs, Shenzhen will also develop service robots with independent intellectual property rights for security monitor, household service, surgery, healthcare, special tests, etc., and boost the commercialization of service robot R&D results in Shenzhen. According to the plan, by the year of 2020, the R&D abilities of service robots will be vastly promoted, and there will be a relatively complete service robot industrial chain with a batch of independent intellectual property rights.

Ganker project focuses on developing a robot for entertainment, competition and for fun, and to carry out various tasks with a mobile controlling app. And this iconic product is developed independently by GJS.

II. Special Functions of Ganker Robot

i. Innovations of Ganker Robot

Most traditional battle robots are made of plastics, which have shorter durability and look less like robots. And the easy controlling and little DIY potential make them more suitable for younger users. And with patented robot joint movement module, electromagnetic sensor module and user controlling module, GJS Ganker Robot is a smarter robot for entertainment market.

Ganker is agile and fast. It can attack opponents fast, and every physical attack can be captured by on-board sensors and be fed back to the mobile controlling app. And the battle result will be decided by subtracting points, which is much more interesting and feasible.

Users can assemble, refit their own robots, or make 3D-printed outfit for them. And every fighting movement of Ganker can be set by independently, making it a perfect robot for users of all ages. Ganker has various components for easy upgrade. It will be equipped by a first-person camera, iFLYTEK voice controlling system and artificial intelligence in the future, making it an all-round entertainment-service robot.

ii. Leading Technologies

  • Field-Sensing Technology and Robot Battle Judging System
  • According to Robot Battle Judging System, when the weapon of a Ganker hit the other Ganker at its body with sensors, the hit information will be transferred back to the mobile controlling app, and the other Ganker’s point will be subtracted by 1. Every Ganker has a initial point of 15, and the final score will be 15-1*N (N= hit time). When the point is subtracted to 0, then the game is over, and the loser Ganker will be immobilized with its LED indicator turning red.
  • Advanced body and movement controlling technologies, Ganker’s body is made of metal, making it much more durable in battles. And its outfit is made of ABS plastics, which can be 3D-printed by users according to customized styles and be attached easily onto Ganker’s body. (Outfit specifications will be released soon.)
  • Ganker’s base will be fitted with four all-direction wheels and a metal frame. The driving and direction of the wheels are controlled by a mobile app, in order to make it move quickly to different directions.

iii. Patents Involved

Software Copyright:
A Kind of Robot Mobile Controlling Software
Patent for Utility Models:
A Kind of Battle Judging System of Mini Servo Robots
A Kind of Mini Servo Robot Movement Driving System and the
Robot Using This System

How long is the battery life and charging time?
Ganker robot’s onboard battery lasts for about 45 minutes under intense battle and about 60 minutes under normal use. Charging from zero to full takes 90 minutes.

Is Ganker safe to children?
Ganker robots have passed the strictest quality control and are guaranteed to have no safety hazards. We also have included a setting for children on the interface. Please read our manual closely before you let your children operate the robot.

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Battle your friends, customize your robot, and create the ultimate fighting machine. Ganker Robots: The Future of Fun! Ganker Fighting Robot is the Ultimate Combat Machine!

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