IoTbase Teensy


The IoTbase Teensy module has slots for installing one Teensy 4.0 (or compatible) module, one mikroBUS module (“S” or “M” format), and one ESP-M3 module.

The module power supply is non-isolated, ranging from 9VDC to 36VDC.

The IoTbase Teensy module size is 65 x 56 mm. The format of the module corresponds to the popular format of the Raspberry Pi 3A+, which significantly simplifies its use with the Raspberry Pi.

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IoTbase Teensy

The IoTbase Teensy module has slots for installing one Teensy (or compatible) module and one mikroBUS module of the “S” or “M” format. These two slots organize a common bus. Using the Teensy slot allows you to design devices based on mikroBUS modules, various modules, and SoM such as Teensy 4.0, Teensy 3.2, Teensy LC, and previously released Teensy 3.1 with all software and services from specified companies.

The MBL (P1) and MBR (P8) connectors are all mikroBUS bus signals. Thus, it is easy to connect another module (or even several) with mikroBUS slots through these connectors, increasing the number of slots on the shared bus. In addition, almost all signals not used by mikroBUS from the installed Teensy are output to the P12 connector, making it possible to use almost all Teensy functions without changing the programs.

Third-party ESP-M3 modules can be installed in J4. Thus, a device based on IoTbase Teensy can easily provide a Wi-Fi connection. The ESP-M3 is UART controlled from the 2nd mikroBUS slot on the module. For stability, a DC-DC converter provides 3.3VDC power for the ESP-M3, independent of the power supply on the mikroBUS common bus.

The I2C interface is most often used in designing devices and instruments based on this module. For this, the module has an I2C connector to connect external devices and sensors.

The module contains the LM75B chip – a temperature sensor connected via I2C. Temperature measurement accuracy: 2 C for the temperature range from -25 C to +100 C, 3 С for the temperature range from -55 C to +125 C.

The module power supply is non-isolated, ranging from 9VDC to 36VDC. The module converts the input power to the output, 5VDC. The maximum current is 1A. There are two connectors for distributing 5VDC to other modules and a connector for transmitting VIN input voltage to other modules.

The IoTbase Teensy module size is 65 x 56 mm. The format of the module corresponds to the popular format of the Raspberry Pi 3A+, which significantly simplifies its use with the Raspberry Pi.

The module comes fully assembled and ready to go. The module is part of our universal platform for IoT and IIOT, which was created to simplify users from design to implementation of projects and the start of production.

The main areas of application of the module:

  • Data acquisition systems (DAS) and PLC
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Communication devices
  • Smart home
  • Devices and tools
  • Consumer electronics
  • Lighting systems
  • Security systems


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We present a universal platform for IoT and IIOT, designed for efficient development of IoT/IIoT and the simple steps from design to production and implementation of your projects. It provides a wide range of expansion modules with the mikroBUS and the I2C interface. We use MCUs from all leading manufacturers and provide compatibility with platforms such as Rasberry, Arduino Nano, Adafruit, SparkFun, Particle, Teensy, and Nucleo-32. Thus, we open up an easy way to cross-platform migration.

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