40m TF02-Pro LiDAR Distance sensor laser Rangefinder for Drones UAV Robots Anti-Collision IoT ITS


Benewake TF02-Pro ToF LiDAR Distance Rangefinder for Drones UAV UAS Robots Collision Avoidance, Pixhawk Arduino compatible.

Benewake 40m TF02-Pro LiDAR Distance Sensor Laser Rangefinder for Drones UAV Robots Anti-Collision IoT ITS Volume Measurement Smart Parking

Benewake TF02-Pro ToF LiDAR Distance Rangefinder for Drones UAV UAS Robots Collision Avoidance, Pixhawk Arduino compatible.

The TF02-Pro LIDAR is a single point/unidirectional distance ranging LiDAR, which is mainly used in drones UAV UAS height fixing/altitude holding, assisted/auto landing, terrain following, obstacles avoidance, anti-collision, supports multiple flight controls like Pixhawk, APM, TopXGun, EFY Technology, aiAero, DAISCH and etc. And the LiDAR is compatible with Arduino/Raspberry Pi/Teensy 3.5, etc., widely used for vehicles counting/IoT sensor/remote level sensing/volume measurement/Smart Parking/ITS/Traffic Statistics/Safety operation/Vehicles anti-collision and other industrial applications.

  • Detection Range: 0.1-40m.
  • Accuracy: Centimeter-level (1% Relative error).
  • Detection Frequency: 1~1000Hz.
  • Protection level: IP65.
  • Anti-ambient light: Function under 100k Lux ambient light.
  • Power: 5VDC,

The protection design of the TF02-Pro is IP65 protection level, which prevents it from dust, water, and corrosion. It is anti-ambient light from the strong light outdoors. It can work under 100K lux light without interference from the temperature, humidity, light, electronics, and airflow.

High sensitivity, measuring distance up to 40 meters, accuracy in cm level. Scan frequency up to 1000Hz, real-time detection of distance with a 500 times/second refresh rate for more accurate data. TF02-Pro has a complete system, containing a protective shell made of materials with a high transmittance of infrared, which doesn’t affect the optical performance.

As a considerably mature product in the market, TF02-Pro LiDAR Laser Rangefinder Sensor has collected a large amount of experience and actual data in different situations, which has been taken as feedback for further improvements of the product itself. Meanwhile, to guarantee the reliability of the TF02-Pro, we conduct a rigorous seismic test and the performance of TF02-Pro turn out excellent.

Typical Applications:

Robot Obstacle avoidance
Drones UAV Anti-collision
UAV Auto landing
UAV Height fixing / Distance keeping
UAV Terrain following
Level sensing/volume measurement
Robots Obstacle avoidance
Tank volume / Bins volume/ Silo material level Detection
Smart Parking
Crane safety Operations
Wheel Ahead Detection/Alert
Vehicles Position Sensing
Vehicles Detection for toll Gate Control
People Counting
Triggering Switch
Part of Rotating LiDAR
Vehicles counting

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Benewake LiDAR sensor TF02 application video:


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Benewake is a high-tech corporation dedicated to LiDAR for Robots and drones/UAV/UAS. Our company is specializing in R&D, manufacturing and sales of ToF LiDAR distance ranging sensor. Our Lidar products have mass production and deployment with high customer satisfaction.

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