TeraRanger Evo Mini Array


Build custom ToF sensor arrays – 0.03m to 3.3m, 8 sensors + sensor hub, from 60 grams.

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Develop low-cost multi-sensor applications for rapid prototyping projects

With our Evo Mini Array, Kits build custom arrays, position sensors where needed, and forget about crosstalk. Developed for indoor distance measurement applications, the modular and low-cost kit comes with eight sensors. Connect the sensors to the central Hub and stream out data via a single USB or UART interface. Benefit from 3 onboard modes, including crosstalk avoidance mode.

Key product features

  • Infrared Time-of-Flight technology
  • Eight sensor modules included
  • Optimized for indoor measurements – 0.03 m to 3.3 m
  • Each sensor has a wide 27° Field of View (FOV) for maximum coverage
  • All parts and accessories included in one easy-to-setup kit
  • Multiple sensors – single data output via USB or UART interface
  • The built-in crosstalk avoidance system

Choose From 3 Onboard Modes

Each array kit features three distinct modes: Sequential mode, Simultaneous mode, and Tower model. In Sequential mode, sensors are activated one at a time. This mode is helpful in configurations when crosstalk is likely and allows flexible sensor positioning. In Simultaneous mode, all sensors are always active. Benefit from the highest update rates. In Tower mode, sensors are activated four times (odd port numbers vs. even port numbers on the Hub) – this mode works best when sensors are used with a custom Tower frame (STL file for 3D printing available under downloads section).

Build Custom Indoor Sensing Arrays

Each TeraRanger Hub Evo board can connect 2 to 8 TeraRanger Evo Mini sensor modules. Everything you need to build a sensor array quickly is included in the Evo Mini Array Kit. The benefit of a single UART and USB interface port is to stream distance data from multiple sensors at once.

Easy Setup, Quick Tests On PC

An accessible Graphical User Interface is available for quick tests on your Windows PC. Easily set up your multi-sensor kit, change some basic system parameters, and visualize distance data from connected sensors. In addition, the Hub Evo provides a single USB interface to stream data from 8 Evo Mini sensors.

Build Collision Avoidance Systems for Mobile Robotics

Being able to sense distance from just 3 centimeters a TeraRanger Evo Mini Array is the ideal solution to compliment laser scanning technologies neatly filling the short-range dead zone common to laser scanners to prevent close-range collisions. In addition, a built-in crosstalk avoidance system – never again experience signal interference between multiple sensors.

Explore Our Full Range Of Multi-Sensor Arrays

TeraRanger Evo Mini Array Kits is an entry-level bundle made for close-range indoor applications. However, if you require multi-axis sensing for a more extended range and at a higher update rate speed for your application, please browse our full range of ToF array products.


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