Wireless LoRa Smart Water Meter DN15, Copper, Valve Control


  • Metering Modes: Automatically metering by remote Server or by Handheld. Any Meter could be used as a Repeater for the meters nearby for metering or commands transferring.
  • Working Mode: Meters work on the Carrie Wake Up mode to stand on a low power consumption status. On the standby current of less than 45 μA(low power consumption status), the response time to communicate to a meter is not more than 8 seconds.
  • Meter Functional Status could be abled or disabled: to close the valve if magnetic detected; to avoid anti-rust; to activate prepayment function; to detect if removed from pipes.

Made In: China

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Wireless LoRa Smart Water Meter DN15, Copper, Valve Control

LXSZ series wireless remote water meter is a high-tech integrative product. This series meter uses advanced wireless transmission technology. It converts the pulse signals of the traditional mechanical meters into electrical signals through microelectrode on control circuits. The entering data is transmitted. Background platform through GPRS network automatically, or it can be collected old wireless unit from outside of the houses and downloaded to a computer through the USB port.

Technical Specification

LoRa mode:

  • Meter Communication response time: ≤ 8s (on Low power consumption mode)
  • Distance of communication: more than 1.2km
  • Fixed data at a specified time upload automatically.
  • Maximum fixed time data storage: 24 records per day
  • Mean Time Between Failure(MTBF): ≥ 6 years
  • For the meters with internal valves, the valves could work steadily during the meter lift-time and could be real-time controlled by a Handheld or remote Server.

FKS Mode:

  • Central Frequency: 470MHz
  • Battery:3.6V/3.3A/h disposable lithium battery
  • Modulation: FSK
  • Bandwidth:64KHz
  • Power Consumption:30uA
  • Transmit Power: 50mW
  • Transmit Distance:>200m (open field)
  • Product Life: >6 years

Product features

  • Mainly applicable to projects in a new construction area or reconstruction projects in an old residential area which is inconvenient for wiring deployment.
  • Wireless transmission technology is applied to realize outdoor meter reading. It is easy to install without wire deployment.
  • The distance of wireless transmission is over 200 meters in the open field.
  • The interface of the management software of the host computer is user-friendly.
  • Total volume measurement of water flowing through tap water pipe and reading of water meter data.
  • Remote valve-control to prevent arrearage from happening.
  • Three-grade automatic routing to lengthen transmission distance.
  • Real-time data reading can realize graded pricing.
  • ERFCU design, ultralow-power consumption.
  • WOR remote awaking technology enables the extension of communication distance.
  • Wamr Net Router Protocol can guarantee data security.
  • High-speed data communication enables a single meter to read data within 1.5seconds.


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The company’s products and the overall solution is mainly used in water, electricity, gas utilities and energy measurement field, aimed at boosting the public sector information, intelligent construction, to provide scientific decision-making. The company’s independent research and development of intelligent water data platform realized the business charge system, GIS pipe network system, SCADA data acquisition and detection system, DMA independent partition metering system and other business systems data integration, filtering, extraction and analysis, to achieve the data of the interconnection, open up the “information island”, and many domestic prefecture-level city water company signed the wisdom of water large data platform project R & D agreement, become the first wisdom of water large data platform real landing business.

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