Wireless LoRa Smart Water Meter

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1) Metering Modes: Automatically metering by remote Server or by Handheld. Any Meter could be used as a Repeater for the meters nearby for metering or commands transferring.

2) Working Mode: Meters work on the Carrie Wake Up mode to stand on a low power consumption status. On the standby current of less than 45 μA(which is the low power consumption status), the response time to communicate to a meter is not more than 8 seconds.

3) Meter Functional Status could be abled or disabled: to close the valve if magnetic detected; to avoid of anti-rust; to activate prepayment function; to detect if removed from pipes.

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Wireless LoRa Smart Water Meter

LoRa wireless remote transmitting water meter adopts LPWAN LoRa technology to provide users with a simple system that can realize long-distance, long battery life, and large capacity. The diameter for choice from DN15~DN200.

1. LoRa technology has the characteristics of long-distance, low power consumption (long battery life), multi-node, and low cost

2. Integration of digital spread spectrum, digital signal processing, and forward error correction coding technology to ensure the reliability of data transmission

3.Using high spreading factor technology and ultra-high receiver sensitivity, it can effectively avoid noise, enhance anti-jamming performance and extend the communication distance.

4. Super link budget allows the signal to fly farther, and it can achieve a wider transmission range and distance at low transmission power.

5. It is easy to deploy and build the network, and the cost of node/gateway is low, the frequency of using license-free band is low, and the cost is low.

Application advice:

In the LoRa system, the device can sleep anytime and anywhere, because it is an asynchronous protocol based on ALOHA. For those applications that are not sensitive to delay and do not have a lot of data to send, LoRa is the best choice.


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The company’s products and the overall solution is mainly used in water, electricity, gas utilities and energy measurement field, aimed at boosting the public sector information, intelligent construction, to provide scientific decision-making. The company’s independent research and development of intelligent water data platform realized the business charge system, GIS pipe network system, SCADA data acquisition and detection system, DMA independent partition metering system and other business systems data integration, filtering, extraction and analysis, to achieve the data of the interconnection, open up the “information island”, and many domestic prefecture-level city water company signed the wisdom of water large data platform project R & D agreement, become the first wisdom of water large data platform real landing business.

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