Zendure Portable Power Station SuperBase Pro 2000


  • Brand Zendure
  • Wattage 2000 watts
  • Fuel Type Gasoline
  • Power Source AC/DC
  • Recommended Uses For Product Home use, outdoor, and camping
  • Item Weight 46.5 Pounds
  • Voltage 120 Volts (AC)
  • Special Feature Movable trolley case design
  • Included Components Power station
  • Color Black

Made In: United States (US)

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Zendure Portable Power Station SuperBase Pro 2000

You’ll love SuperBase Pro 2000’s 2,096Wh Capacity if you like camping or photography. Use your off-grid camping gear for hours on end. It is the perfect power solution for on-the-go events. Devices such as laptops, led lamps, drones, mini-fridges, and projectors can be powered by it for a prolonged period. SBP2000 can even be an emergency backup for your Starlink and electric vehicle. According to our test, SBP 2000 can add an extra 7 km for a Tesla Model 3.

Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 Portable Power Station 2096Wh Solar Generator

SuperBasePro (SBP) is Designed for Portability and Peace of Mind
If you’re camping or preparing for a power outage and need a simple way to charge over a dozen products, including photography, heavy-duty appliances…Well, SBP will be your best choice!

It’s Built to Move. Handles, Wheels, Ready to Roll
With industrial-grade wheels, a telescopic aluminum handle, and a low center of gravity, SuperBase Pro is designed with “anytime, anywhere” in mind. And as you’re rolling it across the terrain, you’ll find it’s sturdy enough to stack another item on top if you need to. The ridges along the top and back aren’t just for looks. Zendure has a reputation for durable products, and SuperBase Pro is no exception. The outer shell is shock resistant, and the interior is reinforced against collisions, making SuperBase Pro a rugged and reliable outdoor companion.

Ways to Recharge Your SuperBase Pro 2000

Solar panels via AC input**–Up to 1,800W, 2 hours to fully charge (if you use the 200W solar panels, you need 9 pcs)
SuperBase Pro 2000 can handle solar arrays of any size up to 1,800W. In addition, our patented PVMax tech means your solar setup can charge SuperBase Pro 2000 with the same superfast performance you’d get from conventional charging. That’s one hour for an 80% charge and two hours for a full charge.

AC outlet–1,800W, 2 hours to fully charge
SuperBase Pro can be charged up to 80% in just one hour. With our patented GridFlow technology, you can charge SuperBase Pro 2000 up to 1,800W from an adequate AC outlet or generator. A full charge is just two hours away.

AC+DC(XT60) dual input–Up to 2,400W, 1.5 hours to fully charge
If you hook SuperBase Pro 2000 up to a wall outlet and a solar array simultaneously, you could get up to 2,400W of charging power.

Solar panels via XT60 input–Up to 600W, 4 hours to fully charge
You can also charge SuperBase Pro 2000 using solar DC power up to 600W. We use the latest MPPT technology, enabled by a Texas Instruments processor, so SuperBase Pro 2000 can be charged at 12-60V, up to 600W, through the XT60 port.

SuperBase Pro 2000 Will Never Let You Down – It’s Powerful. 2,000W AC Output, Surge to 4,000W

At home, SuperBase Pro 2000 has you covered. With 2,000W of AC output and 4,000W surge capability, you can power your microwave, washing machine, coffee maker, or other essentials around the house.
It’s Capable. 2,096Wh Capacity

It’s Adaptable. Power Devices Up to 3,000W

While SuperBase Pro’s maximum output is 2,000W, it can power devices that typically need up to 3,000W, thanks to the AmpUp feature. This means SuperBase Pro is even compatible with heavy-duty appliances and power tools.

(AmpUp* is our patented Dynamic Voltage Output technology. When power-hungry devices need a high starting current, AmpUp can lower the output voltage to compensate, allowing for a higher current at the same output power. And since a pure sine wave output is maintained, it’s safe. *AmpUp is enabled through SuperBase Pro 2000’s companion app. Device compatibility may vary.)
It’s Automatic. Equipped with UPS.

SuperBase Pro has built-in household-grade Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS*) functionality. Connect the SBP 2000 to a power outlet and your essential equipment to the SBP 2000. The SuperBase Pro will automatically switch to battery power if an unexpected power outage occurs. (*UPS applies to electrical appliances below 2,000W.)

Intelligent 4G IoT Connected and Cool App

  • SuperBase Pro has built-in GPS and 4G IoT (internet of things) hardware, so you can manage your power station from anywhere as long as you’ve got a 4G signal. Check the location, remaining charge, and output power of your SuperBase Pro, all in real-time.
  • SBP supports Wi-Fi network connection and direct connection using the built-in Wi-Fi module. So even if there’s no Wi-Fi network available, you’ll still have easy access to your SuperBase Pro through the app.
  • When you buy SuperBase Pro, you get a free year of 4G service, which works in 120 countries. That’s a USD99 value!
  • I deserved fantastic hardware and software. Theft protection and remote status updates are just the tips of the iceberg. Our companion app for SuperBase Pro gives you access to many advanced features.
  • SBP supports Over Air updates (OTA)–to provide the best possible user experience and performance with our products.
  • ZenForest: When you use green energy through SBP to reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere, ZenForest will record your carbon reductions. As you collect carbon reduction points in the app, real trees will be planted worldwide on your behalf. We’re working with to make this happen. With your help, we’re hoping to plant 10 million trees by 2025.

6.1″ Clear Intelligent Display & Integrated Bidirectional Inverter

SuperBase Pro’s 6.1″ display shows real-time information about power usage, remaining charge, environmental conditions, and much more.
GridFlow unlocks superfast charging potential by taking advantage of Integrated AC Direct Charging (IACDC) using a Texas Instruments processor. Thus, you don’t have to carry a super heavy cable with an adapter.

PVMax is a patented protocol utilizing High Voltage Solar Technology (HVST) conversion to deliver up to 1,800W from solar arrays that provide 60-160V. SuperBase Pro 2000 has an MC4 to AC female cable, so the setup is straightforward.

SuperBase Pro Won several Internationally Renowned Awards & Complete Safety certifications.

Introduction of Awards:

  • The Red Dot Design Award, founded by the German Design Association, has more than 60 years of history. However, its origin can be traced back to 1955. It is the largest and most influential competition in the world’s well-known design competitions and is known as the “Oscar” in the design industry.
  • GOOD DESIGN AWARD is Japan’s only comprehensive design evaluation and promotion system, established in 1957. As a certificate of award and a symbol of honor, the “G logo” is also recognized and respected by consumers.

The iF Design Award (“iF”) was founded in 1953. The award is held annually by the iF Industrie Forum Design, the oldest industrial design organization in Germany. Its most crucial gold award is the “Oscar Award in the field of product design.”
Multi-authority Security Certification:

SuperBasePro uses high-quality green materials and has passed the safety certifications of many international authoritative organizations, so safety, green, and reliability can be brought to the extreme.

Q: Does SuperBase Pro can charge RV Travel/Van?
A: SuperBase Pro can not directly connect the RV Travel/Van, but it can be used in the RV Travel/Van.

Q: What kind of batteries does SuperBase Pro 2000 use?
A: SuperBase Pro 2000 uses high-quality NMC (LiNiMnCoO2) batteries with a total charge capacity of 2,096Wh.

Q: What is the operating temperature of SuperBase Pro?
A: Discharge: -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to 140F) / Charge: 0°C to 45°C (32°F to 113°F)

Q: Does SuperBase Pro have a built-in MPPT controller?
A: Yes, it does.

Q: Are there built-in fans?
A: Four smart fans only run when necessary to keep the operating temperature at an appropriate level. Using the app, you can tell SuperBase Pro to prioritize high performance or low noise.

Q: Can other solar panels charge SuperBase Pro?
A: SuperBase Pro can be charged by other solar panels with voltage ranging from 12V to 60V up to 600W via the XT60 port and 60V-160V up to 1800W via the AC input. Zendure’s 200W solar panel has been thoroughly tested with SuperBase Pro and remains our recommendation.

Q: Should I charge my SuperBase Pro to 100% right away?
A: The BMS (Battery Management System) needs to familiarize itself with the internal cells, so you might find that your SuperBase Pro will not charge to 100% on the first charge cycle. If you discharge the battery below 60% and try to recharge the battery twice fully, this should complete the process and give you access to the battery’s total Capacity. After this, normal usage will not be affected.


About this item

  • 14 PORTS & 2096Wh LARGE CAPACITY: SBP2000 has 14 output ports, which can power 14 devices at the same time. 2096Wh large Capacity rated 2000W high output portable power supply can be used as an emergency power supply for disaster prevention at home, outdoor camping, and van life! It can even charge for Tesla.
  • THE INDUSTRY’S FASTEST SOLAR PANEL CHARGING TECHNOLOGY& 80% FAST CHARGE IN 1HOUR: ZENDURE’s unique “PVMax” system supports up to 7 charging methods such as the industry’s highest 2400W solar input, 1800W AC input, and 80% charge in 1 hour, fully charged in 1.5 hours with the fastest charging method.
  • POSSESS THE UPS & BMS TECHNOLOGY: The Zendure SBP 2000 is equipped with UPS uninterruptible power supply function; it ONLY takes 13ms to activate the portable power switch, which is convenient for protecting your necessary equipment and data. In addition, the BMS battery management system monitors voltage, current, short circuit, and temperature in real-time to protect you and your equipment.
  • SUITCASE DESIGN, EASY TO CARRY: The latest portable design based on ergonomics, with industrial grade wheels, retractable aluminum handle, and low center of gravity, easy to carry and move for camping trips.
  • ~4G IoT & APP & GPS & OTA: SBP2000 has built-in GPS and 4G IoT hardware and is the first solar charger on the market that supports 4G off-grid use. OTA supports remote online technical consultation, even if there is a problem with the software, there is no need to return it, and the problem can be solved through the Internet update.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Zendure Portable Generator offers a 2-year warranty and 24-hour friendly service to provide you with a risk-free purchase.
  • You get SuperBase Pro, AC Cable, MC4 to AC female, MC4 to XT60, Accessory Pouch, USB C to USB Adapter, User Manual, and Warranty Card.

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superbase pro 1500, superbase pro 2000

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