Default Sale Terms

Default Sale Terms

Oz Robotics Website and/or Domain Name Sale Agreement

This Agreement relates to the sale and transfer of a Domain or a Website from a Seller to a Buyer via When a Seller agrees to sell and a Buyer agrees to buy the Seller’s Domain Names and Website, the Seller and the Buyer will be deemed to enter into a legally binding agreement in relation to that sale using escrow. The Buyer and Seller may together elect that the terms and conditions of this Agreement apply to that sale.

Parties / Buyer and Seller

The parties for domain name and website to this Agreement are the Buyer and the Seller. This Agreement will apply to you in your capacity as either a Seller or a Buyer in respect of the sale and transfer of a domain name or a Website.

Date of This Agreement

If the Buyer and Seller elect that this Agreement applies, then this Agreement will be entered into between the Seller and the Buyer at the time that (a) the Seller accepts the Buyer’s offer to purchase the domain name or a website as part of a Private Sale or (b) the Buyer is declared the Winning Bidder in an Auction for the Seller’s Domain Name or Website.

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