Transparent Display Screen

Transparent Display Screen – Turn your Window into a Display

While browsing endless streams of Youtube videos, I recently came across something that caught my eye. We’ve done market research on transparent LED panels, but I’ve never watched a large installation’s full time-lapse. A few things struck me that highlight some key differences between LED and our ClearBright film that I thought would be worth sharing with our followers.
Check out the videos below:

Comparing the two technologies, we see some noticeable differences:

LED – Heavy and expensive installation

  1. Heavy freight boxes require specialized moving equipment to pull the panels into the room. I can only imagine what the shipping costs are for boxes that size!
  2. Installation requires a team of 5 with specialized equipment
  3. It’s not just the panels – Metal bars, screws, and other devices are required to hold everything in place
  4. It’s not that transparent whether the display is on or off. The metal bars and the LED pixels themselves make it evident that there’s a display in the window, so the aesthetic is permanently altered.

ClearBright™ – Easy and affordable installation

While I realize this is a smaller display and something larger might require more hands, it highlights some critical advantages of ClearBright™.

  1. Lighter and easier to transport: Keep in mind that the video was of ClearBright pre-attached to a piece of clear acrylic. Usually, ClearBright is transported in a roll and attached directly to a window. This enables the material to be shipped worldwide at a low cost and transported by an individual with no specialized moving equipment.
  2. Easy installation by a single person
  3. ClearBright™ is all that’s required, as its adhesive backing sticks right to any window. Likewise, for ClearBright screens, double-sided tape is all that’s required.
  4. ClearBright™ is exceptionally transparent. You can hardly tell it’s even there, whether the projector is on or off. Check out the photo below!

It wouldn’t be fair to skip over some potential advantages of transparent LED. Most notably, it can have better daytime performance and doesn’t require a projector to display images.

The last part is cost. Transparent LED panels start at around $100 per square foot and go up from there, while ClearBright is only $16 for most display sizes, plus a projector. – By Clinton | Product Manager

More info: Lux Labs