Why Partner with Oz Robotics

Why Partner with Oz Robotics

The easiest way to sell your products to millions of buyers worldwide

Benefits: We’ll advertise your products with paid ads and helping you gain great visibility and sell to millions of customers, including businesses, schools, consumers, industrials, manufacturers, entrepreneurs, government entities, research and development firms, agriculture, and farms, enthusiasts, engineers, hotels, hospitals, sports facilities, and hobbyists.

A few stats showing how our marketing affects your sales daily, weekly, and monthly

You will have the Oz Robotics team working for you 24/7

These graphs are a few real samples of how our marketing affects your sales and benefits you tremendously, whether you are an established company, a startup, or an individual. Either you choose the FREE plan, pay $9/month, or $19, you will have the Oz Robotics team on your side 24/7, advertising your technology here in the USA and worldwide online and offline while you sleep, no matter where you are located. See Sellers and Buyers

Ongoing Support for Customers and Visitors

Whether your product sells sooner or later; we constantly provide continuous customer support to bring you sales by writing back and forth with customers to answer their questions and concerns; we do this before and after sales to support your products and your brand. We do not send our visitors and customers to forums, but we offer instant support to make it easier for them to buy. We offer premium support 7 days a week, including you, the supplier, customers, and affiliates.

Ongoing Support for Supplier Partners and Affiliates

We offer you many services, including but not limited to helping you create your account, editing your products to make them visible for search engines, and making your technology stand out to our customers. There are many tasks required for your products to be marketable for both online and offline buyers. We also participate in paid marketing and countless other tasks, including making each of your products visible online, on Google Ads, and on social media. To help you achieve sales. And hours of hard work to help you make sales. We offer this as low as $9/month, including 24/7 paid marketing to advertise your brand, product(s), and company. Sell Your Technology, Any Time, Anywhere!

We add-up to your business for you to become more successful

From our marketing of your brand, products, and company, many different resellers, distributors, and agencies will find your goods through our website, through an internet search, or on social media. These potential customers will be yours to keep, providing you with additional business opportunities to grow your business. There is nothing free out there, and all this work costs us various investments to help you sell more.

We Always Showcase Your Products with Paid Marketing and Premium Advertising

Regardless of the number of sales that we generate for you, we have accounts with and are constantly performing paid marketing with Google Ads, Google Merchant Shops, and LinkedIn, while also using many other advertising methods such as Facebook and our Newsletters for your products on Oz Robotics, which is done manually by our staff. We advertise 24/7 and internationally without any limitations on paid ads. We do not charge an account setup fee from you when we help you establish your supplier account. We also provide assistance to help you set up your store so you can add your products seamlessly. We’re constantly making changes. Our marketing strategies are always evolving to ensure that your products, brand, and company name stand out from the crowd for prestige, branding, and visibility to bring you more sales. Get your product listed within 24 hours!

With our help, your sales will increase either on our website or yours

As a result of our ongoing paid marketing and advertising, most of our visitors and potential buyers will land on your own website and buy from you directly. We know this due to our marketing algorithms and research. Not only might you gain more sales while working with us, but you will also see an increase in your online visibility and noticeability for your company and your products.

Affiliate Network and Social Media Marketing

We also have hundreds of Affiliates working very hard and constantly advertising your products on OzRobotics.com through their websites, word of mouth, and various other ways to promote your brand to earn a commission. We ask for no additional charge from you for this extra paid marketing. See our Affiliate Program here.

Besides our Affiliates, Oz Robotics also showcases and shares your products and brand along with your company name to millions of viewers on major social media websites with paid Share Apps worldwide to increase mass global awareness for your technology!

Abandoned Carts

Whether our online visitors or returning customers buy your product(s) after adding them to their cart or not, we follow up and offer a VIP discount to make them buy your goods. These additional technologies are implemented to increase your sales, which of course, require extra work, investments, and workforce. To reduce abandoned carts and increase your sales, we prevent all these issues here.

Our Customers Becomes Yours

We have been allowing our supplier partners (you) to showcase your brochures, business cards, and company name along with your email address, phone number, and various marketing materials in the shipping package to our customers for free advertising. This has helped you increase your sales along with brand awareness for your company and products. Notice that as a result of these marketing add-ons by Oz Robotics, our customers become yours instantly as they will not notice the difference between buying from Oz Robotics or you once they see your company name on the shipping package. We also showcase your company in our automated email order forms with the proforma invoice they receive from us. We do not add anything about Oz Robotics to the shipping package to enjoy the full brand marketing.

Locally, Domestically, and Internationally

We increase Brand Awareness, Exposure, Impressions, and Online Visibility for your products, company name, and brand at an international level with paid marketing. Our enormous marketing efforts help you to expand your brand on a global scale to sell more. Since we sell products within technology only, it also helps us to target specific customers and markets for you. Please visit our process page to have an idea of how we choose technology companies to partner with. If you are a technology company and like to partner with us, then please contact us here.

We offer various discounts to Students, Teachers, and Schools

Oz Robotics is pleased to offer a 5% discount to Students and Teachers internationally no matter where they are located. Not every student, teacher, or school is financially fortunate or has enough resources for education. Therefore, we offer assistance to those in need – mainly students, teachers, and schools. We ask students and teachers to get in touch with us from their school email addresses to give them a 5% educational discount for every product listed on Oz Robotics. See the details here. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns.

Your marketing begins right on the OzRobotics.com Homepage

As soon as you add your products to Oz Robotics’ site, we showcase them to millions of buyers globally! We also showcase your logo, banner, business overview, company name, policies, and include a”Verified Supplier” title to support your company and a “Made In” sign to show your country, company name with “By” and “More From” tags to promote your name, even more, to help customers to visit your store on Oz Robotics and buy your products.

What else we do for you to increase your sales and visibility

We help you extend your reach for extra sales, brand awareness, exposure, impressions, and online visibility through paid marketing. We advertise globally to businesses, consumers, schools, R&D firms, governments, and all other Industries worldwide by investing in Marketing and overall traffic to increase your sales.

  • Google Paid AdWords Marketing and Analytics

  • Google Paid Merchant Shop to reach people already looking for smart tech products.

  • We will advertise your brand name on Linkedin Premium with over 20,000 followers and more.

  • We will share your product on almost all social media to thousands of our followers.

  • Facebook Shop

  • Social Media for Reader Engagement to have your brand showcased next to popular products

  • Blog Articles for both internal and external platforms

  • Marketing Newsletters; we will get your product into the inbox of thousands of our subscribers

  • Business Networking, Events, Referrals, and Word of Mouth

  • Tech Fairs and Trade Shows

  • Oz Robotics Affiliate Network

  • Collaborative Digital Marketing (Link sharing, forwarding, and other social media activities)

  • More with some other methodologies such as paid advertising and offline marketing

Thank you for working with Oz Robotics