Why Partner with Oz Robotics

Why Partner with Oz Robotics

The easiest way to sell your products to millions of buyers worldwide

We will advertise your products to millions of customers, including businesses, schools, consumers, industrials, manufacturers, entrepreneurs, government entities, research and development firms, agriculture, farms, enthusiasts, engineers, hotels, hospitals, sports facilities, and hobbyists.

A few stats showing how our marketing affects your sales daily, weekly, and monthly for products starting from $1.18 to $175,000.00

You will have the Oz Robotics team working for you 24/7

These are a few actual stats showing how our marketing affects your sales. The Oz Robotics team is working 24/7, advertising your technology here in the United States and worldwide. See our current Partners and a few of our B2B Customers.

Ongoing Support for Customers and Visitors

Whether your product sells sooner or later, we provide continuous customer support to bring you sales. We do this before and after sales to help your products and brand. We do not send our visitors and customers to forums, but we offer instant support to make it easier for them to buy.

Ongoing Support for Our Partners

We help you generate sales in the United States and 170 countries with paid campaigns via Google Ads, Social Media, and Affiliate Network. Besides that, Customer Service is a top priority at Oz Robotics; we provide our partners, customers, and affiliates the first-class service we’re known for.

We add-up to your business for you to become more successful

Many resellers, distributors, and agencies will find your goods through our website as a result of our premium marketing for your brand, products, and company. These potential customers will be yours to keep, providing you with additional opportunities to grow your business.

We Always Showcase Your Products with Paid Marketing and Premium Advertising

We run paid marketing with Google Ads, Google Merchant Shops, and LinkedIn, along with many other advertising methods such as Facebook and Newsletters for your products on Oz Robotics. In addition, we provide assistance to help you set up your store to add your products seamlessly.

With our help, your sales will increase either on our website or yours

As a result of our campaigns, most of our visitors and potential buyers will land on your website and buy from you directly. We know this because of our marketing algorithms. And this will help you to increase your online visibility even more!

Affiliate Network and Social Media Marketing

We have hundreds of Affiliates constantly advertising your products on OzRobotics.com through their websites, word of mouth, and various other ways to promote your brand to earn a commission. We ask for no additional charge from you for this extra marketing.

Abandoned Carts

Whether online visitors or returning customers buy your product after adding them to the cart or not, we follow up and offer them discount coupons to help them buy your goods. These additional tasks are implemented to increase your sales.

Our Customers Becomes Yours

We’ve been allowing our vendors to add their brochures to shipping packages as free advertising. Such helped them to increase their sales even more.

Specific Customers and Markets

Since we sell products within technology only, it helps us target specific customers and markets for you. Please visit our process page to have an idea of how we choose technology companies to partner with. If you would like to partner with us, don’t hesitate to contact us here.

Educational Discount

Oz Robotics is pleased to offer a 5% educational discount. We ask students and teachers to get in touch with us from their school email addresses to give them a 5% educational discount for every product listed on Oz Robotics. See the details here.

Your marketing begins right on the OzRobotics.com Homepage

As soon as you add your products to Oz Robotics’ site, we begin to showcase them to millions of buyers along with your logo and company name. We also show a”Verified Supplier” stamp on your store banner to support your company.

What else we do for you to increase your sales and visibility

We help you extend your reach for extra sales, brand awareness, exposure, impressions, and online visibility through paid marketing. We advertise globally to businesses, consumers, schools, R&D firms, governments, and other Industries worldwide by investing in Marketing and overall traffic to increase your sales.

  • Google Paid AdWords Marketing and Analytics

  • Google Paid Merchant Shop to reach people already looking for smart tech products.

  • We will advertise your brand name on Linkedin Premium with over 20,000 followers and more.

  • We will share your product on almost all social media with thousands of our followers.

  • Facebook Shop

  • Social Media for Reader Engagement to have your brand showcased next to popular products

  • Blog Articles for both internal and external platforms

  • Marketing Newsletters; we will get your product into the inbox of thousands of our subscribers

  • Business Networking, Events, Referrals, and Word of Mouth

  • Tech Fairs and Trade Shows

  • Oz Robotics Affiliate Network

  • Collaborative Digital Marketing (Link sharing, forwarding, and other social media activities)

  • More with some other methodologies such as paid advertising and offline marketing

Thank you for working with Oz Robotics