Multi-Author Blog Plugin for WordPress

It would be great if there were a Multi-Author Blog Publishing Plugin for WordPress to help website owners allow bloggers to publish their articles online. In addition, many companies would need such a plugin to allow their members to submit their articles and manage them from their dashboards privately, similar to a Multi-Vendor Plugin. In […]

Advance Legged Robotics

ANYmal Research is a community for Advance Legged Robotics. ANYmal is a quadrupedal robot designed for autonomous operation in challenging environments. Driven by unique compliant, and precisely torque-controllable actuators, the system can perform dynamic running and high-mobile climbing. Thanks to incorporated laser sensors and cameras, the robot can perceive its environment, accurately localize, autonomously plan […]

Four Legged Robot

Four-legged Robot that comfortably fits in an Office or Home The SpotMini is an all-electric (no hydraulics) smaller version of the Spot Robot. It runs for about 90 minutes on a charge. It has a variety of sensors, including depth cameras, a solid-state gyro (IMU), and proprioception sensors in the limbs. These sensors help with […]

The Social Robots

The future social robots will share our personal space, interact with us and with each other to provide emotional engagement and entertainment. Meet Miro, the adorable robot companion  Buy Miro Robot Our approach is to build robots that think and operate very much like animals; from their senses and decision-making processes, all the way […]

The Future of Fun with Robots

The Future of Fun with Robots – A Robot for Education, Sports, Entertainment and Competitions A personal sized fighting robot designed for exciting combat between competitors. Show your friends who the true robot master is. No longer do you have to go online or on your phone to engage in futuristic fun with your friends. […]