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You’ll never see annoying pop-ups on our website asking you to agree with non-consent policies to store sensitive personal information such as your home address, IP, or other personal data. We do NOT record your clicks or ask you to sign up for a newsletter! This means we do not store your personal information or track what page you visit. You’re welcome to save any product by clicking on Add to My Wishlist within the product page you are on. We do not keep your financial information because we do not use POS (Point of Sale). All purchases are made via secure PayPal or Stripe.

Stay Safe – Avoid Fraud and Scams – If you Receive a Text, Call, or Email that Seems Suspicious, Do not respond. Protect Yourself From Fraud and Scams.

Please be aware of ONLINE SCAMMERS who may email you using Oz Robotics’ name in their fake emails showing the name “Oz Robotics” by using a masking technique as if the email comes from and ask you to reset your password OR ask you to click on the link in their emails to confirm your account. If you pay close attention to their email, you will notice free emails they use, such as Gmail, Yahoo,, Mail.RU, Hotmail, Yandex,  etc. PLEASE DO NOT OPEN, DO NOT REPLY, and DO NOT CLICK ON THOSE SPAM EMAIL LINKS! 

Regardless of the reason, we will never email you from free emails such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail,, or any other domain names. We will always email our customers, affiliates, and partners using the domain name.

SCAMMERS can also mail you fake checks or packages, so please do not accept them, as we never send a business or personal check via postal mail to anyone because all of our transactions are strictly made via PayPal or Stripe secure online payment processing systems only. We ship parcels via well-known, reputable shipping companies like FedEx, UPS, DHL, or USPS. So be aware of scammers and looters.

Recognize and Report Fraud

  • Slow Down – Scammers rely on the urgency to create panic. Be cautious of anything that implies you must act immediately. Take the time to review the message, then review it again.
  • We will NEVER text you – Oz Robotics will never text you and will never call you unless you leave us a message with your order number and full name.
  • Don’t Click — Check the Link – Legitimate Oz Robotics links will start with “” or “”
  • Check the Subject Line and the Details – Are there spelling or grammar errors? Generic greetings, like “Sir or Madame?” Fraudsters frequently use minor typos to trick you into clicking on the link.
  • Report It – Report it to the Federal Trade Commission.
  • Delete and Block It – So you don’t accidentally interact with it later.
  • If It Seems Too Good to be True… then it probably is. Scammers may sell fake labels at deep discounts.

Common Fraud Scenarios

Fraudsters may use these messages to mislead you into engaging with them.

  • Payment is Needed or Overdue
    Never wire money, send money orders, gift cards, or cash. Use Stripe or PayPal secure payment methods to buy from Oz Robotics.
  • Account or Payment Info Requested
    Unexpected alerts about your account could be a fraud. Confirm no suspicious shipping or billing activities by logging in to
  • Funds Required for Package Delivery
    Only a few packages require a tariff for delivery: If applicable, the Shipping Company may call you for a tariff to be paid for your parcel. Ask them about your tracking number and the company it is shipped from to validate it. Tracking your package is the safest way to see if any fees are due. Enter your email into the shipping company website to be notified of your every delivery.

Types of Fraud

Fraudsters may target you on a variety of channels. Read some real-world examples.

  • Spam and Phishing Emails
  • Fraudulent Text Messages, Phone Calls, and Other Communications
  • Fake Websites
  • Fraudulent Checks or Money Orders
  • Work From Home Scams
  • Counterfeit Labels

Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information.

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