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Notice you will not see any annoying pop-ups on our website asking or forcing you to agree with non-consent policies to store your personal information or record your web cookies. We do not even show any pop-ups to ask you to enter your email address. It means we do not store your personal information, cookies, or track what you click. You are welcome to save any product by clicking on Add to My Wishlist within the product page you are on. We do not save any of your financial information because we do not use POS (Point of Sale). All purchases are made via secure PayPal or Stripe payment systems.

Please be aware of online scammers who may email you by using Oz Robotics’ name in their fake emails to ask you to reset your password, OR click on the links in their emails. PLEASE DO NOT REPLY OR CLICK ON THE LINKS THAT YOU RECEIVE FROM ONLINE SCAMMERS. BE SAFE!

We will never email you from free emails such as Gmail. Yahoo, Hotmail,, or any other domain names, regardless of the reason. We will always email our customers, affiliates, and partners using the domain name.

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