Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

We take our business and yours “personal” because without “persons,” there won’t be any business!

Oz Robotics is a technology company where you can find the latest innovations and buy them affordably. Being 100% transparent in our message without any fine print or a hidden agenda is essential. We treat our Customers, Suppliers, and Affiliates the same way we would like to be treated, and we go the extra mile to ensure we deliver excellent service beyond their expectations.

We perform all business activities in compliance with the law and the context of fair competition with honesty, integrity, transparency, decency, and good faith, respecting our customers’ and partners’ legitimate interests and confidentiality. To achieve this, we make you our top priority. Our staff must know their duties within this Code of Ethics to perform their work and treat everyone fairly and with dignity.

Whether you’re a staff member at Oz Robotics, a customer, a supplier, a freelancer, or an affiliate, we have zero tolerance for disrespect or rudeness in the workplace. In violating our company policy, we will place limits on your privileges. Unfortunately, you will be subject to suspension or termination of your account without written or verbal consent. See Why Buy from Oz Robotics

As one once said, “An error does not become a mistake until you refuse to correct it,” – therefore, if you believe that there is an error in a product that you have purchased from us or there is an error with the shipping company that we have used to deliver your order, please do let us know as soon as you can for us to correct it. Many of our products are made in different countries, while some are in the US; therefore, a few items may take a little longer to deliver or exchange. Technologies fail, and shipping delays happen for various reasons, but we can improve things with better results as long as we all do our due diligence.

At Oz Robotics, you have 5 hours after placing an order to request a cancellation with a full refund. We know mistakes happen, so we want to help you without hardship. Please take a look at our 5-HOURS Policy.

Customer service is a top priority at Oz Robotics, and our team will provide you with the excellent service that we are known for. We would love to hear from you at or visit our Contact Us page to tell us how we did during your recent experience.

Thank you for doing Business with Oz Robotics

Errol Oz
Founder & CEO