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Make Money with Oz Robotics

No setup fee, no monthly payments, no additional selling % fees, No per-item listing fees

We partner with established and start-up Tech Companies to sell their work. Our niche is that we only sell products within technology which helps us to target specific markets, making it easier for consumers to find what they are looking for. By partnering with Oz Robotics, you will extend your reach for sales, brand exposure and awareness to sell more.

Exclusive or Non-Exclusive

As an Exclusive or Non-Exclusive vendor, you can sell and monetize your technology or list your latest innovation(s) with us. Team up with Oz Robotics to increase your sales by accessing new markets that are out of your business reach. Go Global and Get Noticed. Check our non-exclusive agreement.

How We Work

We do not buy in bulk, drop shipping only. You will send the invoice to the buyer after each successful sale made on Oz Robotics. You will be responsible to specify your shipping fees and refund policy. We also offer B2B Techs for Professionals, Hobbyists, Tech Pros, Developers, Educators, Researchers and Startups.

Selling margins for each product sold

For tangible products our partnership margin starts at 9% for each sale. This means you will keep the 91% and the shipping fee. For SaaS, Apps and Software our partnership margin starts at 20% for each sale.

Payment and Shipping

For each successful sale, we send you the payment using PayPal, Escrow, a Company Check or Swift.
You will have a fully functional eCommerce platform to monitor all of your customers, inventory, sales and reports.
You are in charge of your own customer support before and after sales.

Distribution Partners and Channels

The best way to proceed is to have one of your distribution partners to create a Vendor Account on Oz Robotics to get setup as a reseller of your products. You can contact your distribution partners to determine how you would like to proceed or you can introduce Oz Robotics to them.

Why partner with Oz Robotics when I have my own Website?

Our partnership margin starts at 9% for each sale, this means you will keep the 91% and the shipping fee. No setup fee, No monthly payments. By becoming a vendor partner with Oz Robotics, you will extend your reach for additional sales, brand exposure and more awareness for your products. – Read More