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Sell your technology in the United States - or Go Global with our help!

"Oz Robotics is a great Technology Marketplace platform for us. We receive many orders from them, and we are so satisfied with their knowledge in technology. Their customer service is perfect. They can solve everything with high effect. We trust Oz Robotics will keep up with Amazon."

Henry Luo, Nexus Robot

"We trust Oz Robotics because they are a partner worthy of respect. Their team impressed us with their politeness, efficiency and kindness. We highly recommend Oz Robotics no matter whether you are a customer or a supplier. They are very professional and will meet all your needs."

Tim Wu, TinySine

"We like Oz Robotics. It is a great Technology Platform, and they help us to increase our sales. They help customers find high-quality products.

Their team respond quickly, and their service is efficient. We are very happy to cooperate with them."

Luna, Asiwo

Our niche is that we sell products within technology only, which helps us to target specific markets, making it easier for consumers to find what they are looking for and get it fast.

Technology Companies, Manufacturers, Distributors, Brand Names and Entrepreneurs from all over the world partner with Oz Robotics to sell their techs including Robotics, Drones, 3D Printers, STEM Kits, Motors, Wheels, Sensors, AI, VR, Software, Machinery and Smart Technologies for businesses, industrial applications, indoors, education, RD and Hobby.

We help Brand Names, Manufacturers, and Entrepreneurs to sell their techs internationally

At Oz Robotics we help businesses to be more successful. We improve their sales, and generate extra exposure. Above all, we work together to turn interactions into success with lasting relationships.

No Monthly Fees
Secure Transactions

Instant Deposits
Simple and Transparent

Oz Robotics provides a simpler and profitable way for brands and manufacturers to find potential buyers

We give you a fully functional eCommerce platform so you don’t need to build a website.

We sell your products in specific markets, making it easier for consumers to find what they are looking for.

We help you to extend your reach for extra sales, brand awareness and exposure.

Securing your partnership with a few easy steps

Oz Robotics and ReSeller agree to terms

Once we agree to terms, product listing and marketing begins.

Customer buys the product

As a result of our marketing, customer buys your product.

Oz Robotics releases payment to ReSeller

We release the payment to you via PayPal, or do wire transfer.

Reseller delivers the item to Oz Robotics’ Customer

You ship the product to the customer directly.

Oz Robotics customer approves goods received

The customer confirms to us the product was received.

With Oz Robotics take your business beyond the typical. Sell your technology in the United States – or Go Global!

Our niche is that we sell products within technology only, which helps us to target specific consumers, and making it easier for buyers to find what they are looking for. Oz Robotics Technology Marketplace allows you to set up and manage your own store, products, shipping, coupons and much more.

Sell physical, virtual or downloadable products with our help to extend your reach for additional sales, brand exposure and more awareness for your products, brand name and company. Click here to see how it works!

Exclusive or Non-Exclusive

As an Exclusive or Non-Exclusive vendor, you can sell and monetize your technology or list your latest innovation(s) with us. Team up with Oz Robotics to increase your sales by accessing new markets that are out of your business reach. Go Global and Get Noticed. Check our agreement.

Selling margins for each product sold

We offer generous and satisfactory margins to our vendor partners for each sale after establishing a mutual partnership. If you wish to partner with Oz Robotics, then contact us at for further details.

Shipping and Customer Support

You will have a fully functional eCommerce platform to monitor all of your customers, inventory, sales and reports.
You are in charge of shipping, and customer support concerning technical issues for your own product(s).

Distribution Partners and Channels

If you cannot partner with Oz Robotics because of exclusive agreements or other contractual stipulations, we can partner with your distributor instead and get them setup as a vendor of your products. In this way, you will not lose any sales that we might be generating for you.

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