Start Selling

Start Selling

We are an International multi-vendor Technology Marketplace helping Entrepreneurs to sell their work to the global buyers. Listing is Free.

Our niche is that we only sell products within technology which helps us to target specific consumers and markets, making it easier for global buyers to find what they are looking for.

We partner with Tech Companies to sell their Smart Techs, Drones, 3D Printing, Robotics, Software, SaaS, Apps, Webs and Domain Names on International Tech Marketplace. We also welcome Tech Manufacturers, Tech Service Companies, Tech Distribution Partners, Crowdfunding Projects and Advertising offers on Oz Robotics.

  • Crowdfunding Projects by startups or established tech companies and Pre-Orders are welcome
  • If you are a manufacturer or tech service company and do not have retail products, you can still partner with us
  • If you cannot partner with Oz Robotics due to distribution partners, then you can have us partner with one of your distributors to get setup as a reseller of your products
  • Sell your SaaS, Apps, Software, Themes, Plugins, Games, Domain Names and 3D Concept Prints

By partnering with Oz Robotics, you will extend your reach for sales, brand exposure and awareness to earn more!

Exclusive or Non-Exclusive

As an Exclusive or Non-Exclusive vendor, you can sell and monetize your technology or list your latest innovation(s) with us. Team up with Oz Robotics to increase your sales by accessing new markets that are out of your business circle and location. Go Global and Get Noticed. Check our non-exclusive agreement.

How We Work

  1. We do not buy in bulk, drop ship only.
  2. You, as our vendor partner, will send the invoice to the buyer after each successful sale made on our Tech Marketplace. You will be responsible to specify your shipping fees and refund policy.
  3. Listing on Oz Robotics is Free. There are no hidden fees or monthly payments.

online exposureSelling margins for each product sold

For tangible products our partnership margin starts at 15% for each sale. Our Vendor Partners keep 85% of the item price + the full shipping fee regardless of whether they are Exclusive or Non-Exclusive with Oz Robotics. After 12 months per our success rate in sales; we may re-negotiate the partnership margin with the supplier. However, if you have products with much lower margins such as 3D printers then please let us know your rates for us to adjust. For SaaS, Apps and Software our partnership margin starts at 20% for each sale.

Transparent, Secure and Affordable

  • No Listing Fees
  • Secure transactions via PayPal, Square, Stripe and Escrow
  • Automatic deposits with PayPal, Escrow, Stripe or Direct Deposit
  • Seller and Buyer Protection
  • Start selling for next to nothing
  • See our Terms and Conditions

We process payments with Direct Checkout including all major credit cards using PayPal, Square, Stripe, Escrow (auctions only), a Company Check or Swift. With their secure SSL-encrypted payments platforms, and our SSL and SiteLock security deployments and fraud detection systems, we will protect you and buyers.

How we market at Oz Robotics

  1. Organic SEO with Premium Software and SEO Engineering
  2. Social Media for Reader Engagement
  3. Blog Articles for both internal and external platforms
  4. Direct Mail / Email Marketing
  5. Videos, including your own product videos
  6. Business Networking and Events
  7. Tech Fairs and Trade Shows (vital to building strong client relations)
  8. Digital Newsletters
  9. Other methodologies such as paid advertising
  10. Oz Affiliate Network – Our affiliates place our products where their visitors, customers and friends will see it and they earn cash on every qualifying sale made through their ads by sending their customers to our website.
  11. Collaborative Digital Marketing (Vendors’ own efforts with link sharing, forwarding and other social media activities).
  12. To help promote your products for SEO backlinking purposes, it is important that you also link your Oz Robotics’ store or product URL on your own website, or share on your social media.

Payment and Shipping

  • For each successful sale, we send you the payment using PayPal, Escrow, a Company Check or Swift, including the customer’s info (you will have these details in your account).
  • Within your Oz Marketplace Shop Account, you will also have a fully functional eCommerce platform to monitor all of your customers, product inventory, statistics, traffic, sales, reports and anything else that you may need.
  • You are in charge of your own customer support before and after sales. Potential customers will contact you using the Product Inquiry Form on your Oz Marketplace Store.