Get Your Product Listed Within 24 Hours

Get Your Product Listed Within 24 Hours

Reach out to millions of consumers worldwide to generate extra sales

Listing your products on Oz Robotics will gain you maximum exposure and sales

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A Simpler and Profitable Way to Sell

  • Oz Robotics covers all online costs to host your product(s), including platform development, interface design, eCommerce, payment processing, inventory, vendor safety, buyers security, and functionality; Premium Organic Search Engine Optimization with proper Engineering and compliance with current and emerging technology standards; abuse monitoring, and anti-piracy software.

  • The Oz Robotics’ B2B and B2C business model returns maximum revenue share to participating Vendors.

Oz Robotics reaches millions of searchers.

A Highly-Dedicated, Experienced Sales Force Working for You at no cost

    • Oz Robotics promotes your products to Consumers, B2B worldwide using both Online and Offline marketing methodologies.

    • Oz Robotics has the advantage of established relationships with motivated Vendors and Affiliates worldwide, including in Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and Australia, to ensure broad market penetration.

Global Dissemination of Your Products

    • Oz Robotics rapidly expanding international base now includes Partners in over 50 countries.

    • Oz Robotics partners with respected organizations to bring affordable products to Consumers in developing and transitional economies.

Your Products and Software Will Be Discoverable and Accessible, Where Your Users Are

    • Last year, Oz Robotics users performed millions of searches for products and services.

    • Major technology companies and discovery services link directly to content on Oz Robotics.

    • Oz Robotics provides tools that facilitate collaboration among colleagues and consumers.

How We Market at Oz Robotics

  • Google AdWords Marketing and Analytics

  • Google Merchant Center Shop

  • Facebook Shop

  • Organic SEO Engineering with Premium Software

  • Social Media for Reader Engagement

  • Blog Articles for both internal and external platforms

  • Direct Mail / Email Marketing

  • Vendor product videos

  • Business Networking, Events, Referrals, and Word of Mouth

  • Tech Fairs and Trade Shows

  • Digital Newsletters

  • Oz Robotics Affiliate Network – Our affiliates place our products where visitors, customers, and friends see them. In addition, they earn cash on every qualifying sale made through their ads by sending their customers to our website.

  • Collaborative Digital Marketing (Vendors’ efforts with link sharing, forwarding, and other social media activities)

  • Other methodologies such as paid advertising and offline marketing

Oz Robotics’ partners retain control over their brand

Know Who Buys Your Product

    • Partners can see buys their products and receive quarterly sales reports (under ongoing development).

    • Oz Robotics will not share or license your content to third parties.

A Unique Home for Your Products Online

Each Product’s attractive landing page showcases your product and company overview.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We help all types of established or startup tech companies, including Manufacturers, Distributors, Resellers, Brand Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Independent Sellers, to grow their businesses and increase their product exposure and sales through our targeted global audience. We also feature crowdfunding projects from Indiegogo and Kickstarter and help them gain backers.

Yes, you can list as many products as you want. Please see our partnership plans for more details: You can find more details about how it works here:

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