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We recommend Oz Robotics

To be a professional micro class inspection Underwater Drone Manufacturer, we don't have much good experience with online platform because of the selling price and target industrial. But this idea had gone until we met Oz Robotics and started a great partnership. We recommend Oz Robotics to be your online traffic portal, they could bring you not only orders but a firm partnership right beside you.

Eric Zhou, CCROV

The Oz Robotics offers first-class service to their suppliers and partners

The Oz Robotics Technology Marketplace offers first-class service to their suppliers and partners, and wonderful support to their customers. We are looking forward to having many more productive years with Oz Robotics along with satisfied and happy customers from around the world.

Ana Anić-Ćurko | EMoRo

I’ve appreciated doing business with you…

Thank you very much for your help and support. I've appreciated doing business with you and will recommend you to others.

Joe Weber

Triple Ring Tech

Oz Robotics is spotless and again – THANK YOU!

You, OzRobotics, have handled it properly and I thank you for that because the supplier/vendor Simtoo's option only left me with loss. It truly is mind boggling. There were so many things they handled wrong. I do understand that if someone orders the wrong item or damages it etc., they should be the ones accountable - but as you know, that isn't the case here.

Overall, Oz Robotics is spotless and again - THANK YOU!

I will certainly consider your company again when I decide to make another purchase.

Helmut Roethel

Fast Delivery and Remarkable After-Sale Services!

"Oz Robotics is very professional platform for Drones, Robotics, Electronics and other high-tech related industries. It is easy and simple to search all kinds of good products, they provide fast delivery and remarkable after-sale services. The Oz Robotics team are experienced in the technology and related industries, and we are very satisfied with their help and support. Nice online marketplace to try, for both vendors and customers!“

Siya Liu, Benewake

We are very happy to cooperate with Oz Robotics

We love Oz Robotics. It is a great Technology Platform, and they help us to increase our sales. They help customers find high-quality products. Their team respond quickly, and their service is efficient. We are very happy to cooperate with Oz Robotics.

Luna Asiwo, Asiwo

Thank you for your help the past two days

Thank you for your help the past two days, I really appreciate it. I will definitely be ordering from you guys again because of the customer service alone.



Oz Robotics is a great Technology Company for us

Oz Robotics is a great Technology Company for us. We receive many orders from them, and we are so satisfied with their knowledge in technology. Their customer service is perfect. They can solve everything with high effect. We trust Oz Robotics will keep up with Amazon.

Henry Luo, Nexus Robot

My entire experience has been very pleasant

Thank you very much, you guys are amazing! I am excited to get my hands on the robot kit... I just successfully used the student discount code you have provided. My entire experience has been very pleasant. Oz Robotics' sale and support staff has been extremely quick to respond to all of my questions and issues. I will definitely post the link in my class forum, I’m sure there are others that would be interested in similar kits for implementing algorithms over the summer.

Thanks again,

George L. Georgia Institute of Technology

We trust Oz Robotics because Oz Robotics is a partner worthy of respect

We trust Oz Robotics because they are a partner worthy of respect. Their team impressed us with their politeness, efficiency and kindness. We highly recommend Oz Robotics no matter whether you are a customer or a supplier. They are very professional and will meet all your needs.

Tim Wu, TinySine