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Recommend our techs to your Friends, Family, and Colleagues, and get paid when they buy.

How does it work

There is nothing to sign up for! Recommend our products via email or verbally to your friends, families, and colloquies, and upon their purchase, let us know their full name to confirm. Once we validate their purchase, we will reward you with 5% of the total for the product they purchased. Payments will be made after a month of purchase. You will need a PayPal account to receive payment from us. Or you can use the credit you earned through your sales to buy a product instead.

Please Note: We do not allow our products to be sold on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or any other eCommerce platform. It is strictly against our Influencer and Affiliate Policy. Your influencer and affiliate account will be terminated, and you will not be paid if you do not follow our policy.

Thank You for working with Oz Robotics