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You’re already sharing so many things online without making any money; why not share our products and earn an additional income when visitors buy.

You can Make Money by sharing our products on your website, social media channels or perform your marketing campaigns to earn some money.

What is the Oz Robotics Affiliate Program?

We are teaming up with excited affiliate partners to expand our pool of high-value tech products and increase exposure through social networking, ultimately providing both parties with increased opportunities for success. Oz Robotics affiliate program pays you for sending your customers to our website. Our Affiliate Program is free to join, and it is easy to set up, so there is no risk to you.

Refer and Earn with Cool Products

Choose from a wide selection of products, then refer customers to Oz Robotics and earn a 5% commission on each successful sale.

Get High Quality Product Images

Get up and running in minutes with our ready-to-go products. Then, start promoting Oz Robotics to earn extra income upon a purchase.

Join Free and Enjoy Detailed Statistics

There are no annual fees, no account setup fee, or minimum purchases. From your dashboard, view your performance and see your referrals.

How does the Oz Robotics Affiliation System work?

Once you are approved*, log in to your Affiliate Dashboard. Copy and paste any product URL into a field called Page URL. Next, click on the Generate URL button to create a Referral URL. You can then copy that Referral URL and paste it on your social media accounts, e.g., Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and others, also into your website or use it in your email signature. When visitors click on your Referral URL and send traffic to any product page on the Oz Robotics site and purchase a product, you will get 5% for every sale.

Please DO NOT use a URL Shortener, e.g., Bitly or other similar tools, because we cannot track your traffic through them.

You can log in to your Affiliate Dashboard to check your URLs, Statistics, Graphs, Referrals Payouts, Creatives, and Settings. See Affiliate Terms. *We reserve the right to reject affiliate applications for any reason; therefore, not all affiliate submissions are approved.

Please read the agreement below before you Sign Up

Account Name

Create your affiliate account “Username” with your company/website name or your actual first + last name. Do not use your email address, initials, or abbreviations. Your affiliate email address should end with your company or website name or with your actual name. By continuing, you agree to Oz Robotics’ affiliate account “username” and “email” rules.

Seamless Integration

Generate referral links with your preferred products in a few minutes. Team up with Oz Robotics by joining our Affiliate Program to benefit from creating new sources of income with minimal effort. Please read our Affiliate Agreement and Zero Tolerance Policy.



Here Making Money as an Affiliate is a Snap

At Oz Robotics, you can get your affiliate account up and running within minutes. Creating your Affiliate Profile is quick, easy, and hassle-free. Place one of our products where your visitors, customers, and friends will see it, such as social media, and we will pay you for every qualifying sale made through your ads. Our easy-to-use affiliate platform allows you to post affiliate links to your favorite Oz Robotics products and earn a commission for each approved sale. With unlimited earning potential, you’ll receive a 5% commission on nearly all product sales* made through your affiliate link.

Everyone wins when you’re an Oz Robotics’ Affiliate

Being our affiliate is excellent for you and your visitors because they get great deals on the newest products. At the same time, you earn an extra income for qualifying purchases they make through your aff links!

What should I look for in this affiliate program?

Focus on techs in high demand like hoverboards, drones, robotics, VR, and other smart products. Our affiliate program pays out well and offers 24/7 support.

Thank you for affiliating with Oz Robotics