Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property Rights And Protection Policy [Oz Robotics, LLC] New York (“”) respects all intellectual property rights of others [companies, startups, individuals, entrepreneurs, investors, founders, and we expect our users, buyers, members, vendors, partners, and visitors to honor the same. Intellectual property infringement claims are dealt with severely on our website at (Collectively referred to as “Site”). Please read this and other pages under the Terms and Conditions; you signify that you agree to be bound by our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. All the logos, banners, logo-banners, artworks, brands, content, photos, images, videos, audio, music, text content, drawings, art, paints, names, titles, brand identities, product names, concepts, and all other relevant materials are property of their respective owners and [Oz Robotics, LLC] New York (“”).

Uploading any product images or products-related software, documentation, reference materials, CAD design(s),.STEP file(s) and other drawing files, manuals, and tutorials to; you confirm that all images and those materials are copyright-free or that you own the copyright to all these images and materials.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

Following our Terms and Conditions, as a vendor/seller on Oz Robotics, you ascertain that you have the full legal right to sell the physical, digital, or auctionable products that you are listing on Oz Robotics.

By uploading any product images to, you confirm that all images are copyright-free or that you own the copyright to these images.

 Dealing With Violations

If you believe you have noticed a violation of this policy for listed products, please email us at immediately to take action or legal follow-up. Your first action is to contact the responsible vendor or member by private message and request that they remedy the breach. If they do not cooperate, get in touch with Oz Robotics at the email address –

 Copyright Law

Various laws apply to all products on Oz Robotics, including the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in the USA. These laws provide a takedown notice to be filed with Oz Robotics, immediately removing the product(s) and the relevant content. To do this, you must hold the copyright to the product in question and be prepared to state this in a court of law in the USA, abiding by rules and regulations. Also, note that you may be liable for damages on either side of a dispute if any legal action ensues.

The response to a takedown notice of products and related content varies from case to case. Still, usually, we will turn off the links of the product(s) to the subject content and contact the vendors, customers, or members on both sides of the notice. Occasionally, we will suspend or ban such members without hesitation, especially repeat offenders.

Oz Robotics takes intellectual property rights very seriously as a manufacturer, seller/vendor, artist, designer, and maker. We comply with intellectual property laws and industry best practices to maintain the integrity of our business. This Intellectual Property Policy explains how we address infringement allegations, how authorized parties can submit proper infringement notices regarding content on our website, and how Oz Robotics Robotics can respond when their listings or shops are affected by a notice.

Intellectual Property Right (“IPR”) Protect” on

  • Cloning our website or building a site with a similar design or copied materials and with the same or similar functionality will result in the termination of your affiliate or reseller account.
  • Listings of clones, counterfeits, copies, replicas, or other unauthorized items are prohibited on the Site strictly.
  • Listings of offers to sell or purchase clones, counterfeits, copies, replicas, or other unauthorized items shall be subject to removal by

Repeat violations of our IPR policy may result in a range of actions, including, without limitation:

  • Account suspension
  • Removal of listings
  • Posting restrictions
  • Termination of membership service agreement has the full rights and discretion to take any enforcement action and corporate decisions anytime for certain extreme/conspicuous situations, such as where the intellectual property rights holders have already initiated litigation.

Infringement Claims

All intellectual property infringement claims shall be made under penalty of perjury. Intellectual property rights holders further agree to indemnify and hold harmless from all claims, causes of action, damages, and judgments arising out of any removal of product listings according to intellectual property infringement claims.

As a neutral e-commerce platform, does not adjudge conflicting intellectual property infringement claims. Any action taken by shall not be construed as any endorsement o of any intellectual property infringement claim. All conflicting intellectual property infringement claims shall be resolved by the relevant conflicting parties separately from and the Site. online report system

  • Intellectual property rights holders shall use the Contact Us complaint form to file intellectual property infringement claims for centralized processing.
  • provides an efficient and transparent channel for intellectual property rights holders to file intellectual property infringement claims and request the takedown of allegedly infringing listings from the Site.

Three types of materials must be submitted to to facilitate the processing of intellectual property infringement claims, namely:

  1. Proof of identity of the complaining party and relevant authorization if the complaining party is not the intellectual property right holder;
  2. Proof of intellectual property ownership;
  3. Exact clickable hyperlinks to the relevant allegedly infringing listings on the Site

For questions about intellectual property protection measures or legal issues, don’t hesitate to contact us at will promptly evaluate intellectual property infringement claims filed. Vendors, Partners, and Members subject to intellectual property infringement claims will be notified of the claims. In addition, the contact information of the intellectual property rights holders will be provided to the members to facilitate direct conflict resolution and claim handling.

Vendors, Partners, and Members subject to intellectual property infringement claims may submit counter-notifications to dispute the corresponding claims. Intellectual property rights holders will be notified if and when any counter-notifications are filed and may accept or reject such counter-notifications. reserves the right to reinstate any listing subject to intellectual property infringement claims at our discretion.


If you would like to submit a notification of alleged infringement, counter a notice of copyright infringement submitted against you, or withdraw a notification of infringement that you submitted, please refer to the following email address:

We’re constantly impWe’reg Oz Robotics to ensure that you (sellers) and your buyers (consumers) have a positive experience with Oz Robotics; therefore, we will add more as we move forward. In addition, we’re always looking to hear your ideas and feedback to improve Oz Robotics.

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