Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

Here at Oz Robotics, we would want our customers to be happy with their new purchase(s). We do intensive research before partnering with companies to see if their technology is proven and passes our quality assurance test.

Our Product Warranty does not cover Modified Items

Modifying the product voids the warranty offered by our manufacturers. This includes all kinds of modifications and add-ons If you attempt to return a product which has been modified, your warranty claim will be denied, and the product will be returned at your expense.

We reserve the right to provide replacement parts

If you have purchased a product and discover a defective part(s), our manufacturers will provide the part or parts necessary to correct the product. Oz Robotics and our manufacturer will not provide a replacement product in the event of a defective part(s). If the part you need is out of stock or unavailable as a spare part, we will provide a suitable replacement or special order the part from the manufacturer. Be sure to check the functionality and condition of all products and parts before using it if possible. The customer is responsible for installing any and all replacement parts.

For further warranty details for each product we carry, please click on the Product Details

Our manufacturers will require evidence of warranty defect, and if you discover a product issue you will be required to provide a photo and/or video evidence of the problem with the product. We understand that this can be inconvenient, however, this is a requirement of our manufacturers and will help ensure the timely processing of your warranty claim. For products with higher prices or more complex warranty cases, you will be required to contact us before a warranty claim can be authorized. For any warranty issue, please contact us at support@ozrobotics.com along with your order number.

Warranties are Non-Transferable

Our warranty is for the original purchaser only. If the original purchaser sells his item to another person, the warranty does not transfer to the new buyer.

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