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ZoraBots is a technology company specializing in new robotics. The company's flagship product, the Zora Solution, was developed to make our robot usage and interactions simple, beneficial and reliable.

Zora Robot – The world’s most popular Humanoid Robot


With NAO Robot of Softbank Robotics; create everything you have in mind on this amazing little robot thanks to our very intuitive and user-friendly platform, the Zora Solution. More than 70 applications pre-programmed to entertain, teach, distract or inform people. A composer to create all the applications you have in mind. A live controller to surprise your loved ones. Make the robot walk, interact, speak and translate different languages, move, see, listen, record videos, express feelings and more.

Discover how Zora Robot can improve your life. Always and Everywhere!

The world’s most popular Humanoid Robot – It comes with the free lifetime Zora Solution Software Update (embedded presentation). This is the V6.

Our robot equipped with the Zora Solution allows you to create all the applications and behaviors you have in mind, regardless your programming or coding skills. Zora comes with all the necessary operating software and tools. Zora speaks English, German, Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, French, Finnish and Spanish.

People use the Zora Robot all over the world in many different ecosystems. You can create very easily whatever you have in mind. The only limit is your creativity. And the result is always amazing!

ZoraBots is an interactive and caring platform solution which runs on the world’s most popular humanoid robots. ZoraBots makes friendly, intelligent companions with just one goal: making your life better- more comfortable, fun, healthier and relaxed.

  • Who helps you rehabilitate?
  • Who practices with your children?
  • Who motivates you until you feel better?
  • Who takes care of you?
  • Who keeps you fit?

Zora is there for you, for young and elderly people, for those who need help. The first robot in the world that takes care of you. Zora is based on the NAO robot of Softbank Robotics.

Zora is there for you, for young and elderly people, for those who need help. The first robot in the world that takes care of you.

ZoraBot can be used in following applications

  • Hospitals and elder care facilities
  • Special education
  • Retail shops
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Events and exhibitions
  • and do more

The robot’s unique senses is always balanced

Zora is the caring solution of the NAO robot of Softbank Robotics which has a human shape (57 cm) and 25 degrees of free movement. Whether walking or lying down, she is always balanced.

Zora is based on the NAO product of Softbank Robotics.

See the PDF Version in High Resolution



Expert in exploration

With her sonar and the many sensors in her head, hands and feet, she has a perfect image of her surroundings.






Listens and speaks

Four directable microphones and speakers allow the robot to listen and speak to people in a natural way.






Beautiful eyes with a sharp view

The NAO robot on which Zora is based looks beautiful, has nice eyes, and can see very well thanks to two high-resolution cameras that record every tiny detail.





ZoraBots PDF Presentation

Zoora Weight is about 5.5kg

Technical information of Zora


Height (cm): 57,4
Depth (cm): 31,1
Width (cm): 27,5


Processor: Atom E3845
CPU: Quad Core
Clock speed: 1.91 GHz


Type: Lithium-Ion
Nominal voltage/capacity: 21,6V / 2,9 Ah
Max charge voltage: 25,2 V
Recommended charge current: 1,8 ~ 2,1A
Max charge/discharge current: 2,1A / 2,0A
Energy: 62,5 Wh
Charging duration: 90 min


Ethernet: 1 RJ45 – 10/100/1000 base T
Wifi: IEEE 802.1 a/b/g/n
Security: 64/128bit: WEP, WPA/WPA2
Loudspeakers & Microphones: 2 loudspeakers (left and right) representing the ears


4 microphones: Front left, Front right, Back left, Back right
Sensitivity: 250 mV/Pa +/- 3dB at 1 kHz
Frequency range: 100 Hz to 10 kHz (-10 dB relative to 1 kHz)


2 Emitters: (top) and 2 receivers (bottom)
Frequency: 40kHz
Resolution: 1cm-4cm (depending on the distance)
Detection range: 0.2m – 0.8m.
Under 0.2m there is no distance information. Robot only knows that there is an object present.
Above 0.8m the value returns a estimation
Effective cone: 60°

Video camera, Leds, FSR & inertial unit

See following documentation:
Inertial unit

Joint position sensors, Motors & Contact and tactile sensors

See following documentation:
Joint position sensors
Contact and tactile sensors

Supported languages
See this documentation page of Softbanks for all the details

Kinematics data

Links, Joints and Body frames
Body frames

Effector and Chain definitions & Predefined postures
Effector & Chain definitions
Predefined postures

Actuator & Sensor list
See this documentation page of Softbanks for all the details

Operating system

ID: Nao Release:
Codename: Etivaz
Builddate: 03/12/2018 18:07:05 UTC
Build ID: nao-x86-
Build tag: naoqi-jenkins-release-2.8_build-naoqi_nao-atom-15
Toolchain: Yocto SDK 3.3.24

Name: NAOqiOS (based on Yocto)
Version: 3.3.32


Version: 4.4.86-rt99-aldebaran
Name: Linux Processor type: 64-bit

The price of $9.500 USD is for the NAO Robot is equipped with our Zora Solution Software; the 2 combined make Zora.
For the robot NAO without software we ask $5600 USD; the Zora Solution Software, sold separately is $3900 USD.
This is NAO version 6. We no longer sell the NAO version 5.
The NAO Robot has its own Operating System from the manufacturer; but all movements need to be programmed by the user.
Our Zora Solution makes it a lot easier to get the robot moving and interacting and has some apps.

Regarding the warranty:
We give the European standard of 2 years warranty on the robot and 6 months on the battery.
For our Zora Solution License, we provide lifetime free updates.

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ZoraBots is a Belgian-based technology company specializing in new robotics. The company’s flagship product, the Zora Solution, was developed to make robot usage and interactions simple, beneficial and reliable for all, regardless of previous programming knowledge.

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Free shipping - 4 to 10 business days.

Return Policy

What does this warranty cover? It covers any defects in material. What will we do to correct problems? The company will repair the product, at no cost, if the product is still under warranty. How long does the coverage last? The Warranty Period for the Zora Solution is 2 years from the date of purchase. What does this warranty not cover? Damage to a product resulting from negligence. Damage to a product resulting from unauthorized modification of the product. What do you have to do? The product must be in its original packaging or the customer can send it in any package How to contact us: email at - No refund after purchase. - End User License Agreement This End User License Agreement ("EULA") applies to your use as end user of the Zora®-solution as purchased from QBMT or one of its authorized resellers or distributors. By unpacking, installing, initializing and/or using the Zora-solution, you indicate that you have read and understood this EULA and that you unambiguously accept the terms and conditions contained herein. If you do not accept this EULA, QBMT is unwilling to provide you with a license to use the software, documents and other works encumbered with intellectual property rights of QBMT or its partners. The "Zora-solution" shall, for the purpose of this EULA, be understood as the entirety of (a) the humanoid robot "NAO" including the software and documentation as developed, sold and distributed by Aldebaran Robotics, Rue du Colonel Pierre Avia 43, 75015 Paris, France; (b) the software including all updates, bug fixes and associated technical documentation (hereinafter "Software") and the accompanying user manual (hereinafter "Documentation") developed, sold and distributed by QMBT NV, Agoralaan A box bis, 3590 Diepenbeek, Belgium (hereinafter "QBMT"); and (c) all other software and works encumbered with intellectual property rights (e.g. music, text, images, etc.) owned by QBMT's third party partners (hereinafter "Partners") which are part of the Zora-solution upon delivery to you or made part of the Zora-solution thereafter as part of updates or bug fixes. Your use shall be understood as any action that consists of installing, initiating, accessing, running, reading, saving, storing, or in any other way interacting with the Software or the Documentation. Your use of the Zora-solution is governed by this EULA and any other supplementary license agreements which are made available via the tablet interface of the Zora-solution itself, including but not limited to Aldebaran's End-User Software License Agreement. If any conflict arises between the terms of this EULA and those of any supplementary license agreement, the terms of the latter take precedence. If there are special usage terms included in the sale or lease contract for the Zora-solution between you and QBMT, these shall prevail over the terms included in this EULA. 1. Rights conferred 1.1. The Software and Documentation, as well as any future modifications, amendments or additions to the Software and Documentation, are protected by intellectual property laws and treaties including but not limited to copyright laws and treaties. Nothing in this EULA shall be construed as a transfer of title and you acknowledge that QBMT retains all ownership rights to the Software and Documentation as well as to any future modifications, amendments or additions. 1.2. QBMT grants you a nonexclusive, non-transferable and non-sub licensable right to use the Software, under the terms and conditions listed below. This right shall only be granted insofar you or the entity you lawfully represent are the registered end-user of the Zora-solution and you use the Zora-solution exclusively for your internal business purposes. All other rights are reserved to QBMT and its Partners. If you use the Software and Documentation as a consumer, this EULA will leave all your rights granted by applicable mandatory law unimpeded. 1.3. In the event that you choose to buy the Zora-solution and the Software and/or Documentation are provided to you on a physical carrier (e.g. a memory card or thumb drive), you only acquire the ownership of the physical carrier itself upon payment of the entire acquisition price, but never the ownership of the Software and/or Documentation. 1.4. Parts of the Software are subject to an "open source" license. This EULA shall not apply on those parts of the Software where such an open source license applies and you are required to refer to the pertinent open source licenses to ascertain the scope of your rights of use. Parts which are subject to an open source license are: - Gentoo (General Public License version 2.0); - Python 2.7 (licensed by Python Software Foundation,; - Certain python libraries are subject to ISC License; - AngularJS (licensed by Google Inc. under MIT License); - jQuery (licensed by The jQuery Foundation under MIT License); - Bootstrap (under MIT License). 1.5. All data which has been created, collected, stored and/or transferred as a direct consequence of your intended use of the Zora-solution in accordance with clause 2.1 (hereinafter: "User Generated Data"), shall remain your property. You grant QBMT a nonexclusive, non-transferable, non-sub licensable and worldwide right to use your User Generated Data solely for: - improvements to QBMT's products and services, such as making available additional features; - the detection, identification and remediation of bugs in the Software; - general monitoring, updates and maintenance of the Software; - technical reporting on the operation of the hardware and software of the Zora-solution, including the identity information of your Zora-solution, crash reports, user preferences regarding updates and application management and user preference history; - generating anonymous statistics on Software use. 1.6. You grant QBMT the right to perform within normal business hours and subject to at least 48 hours' notice the right to perform an on-site audit to assess compliance with this EULA. This provision does not apply if you are a consumer. 2. Acceptable use and limitations 2.1. You are only entitled to use the Software as part of the Zora-solution for which you have paid the acquisition price or leasing fees. The Software may solely be used in the manner and for the purposes intended to properly operate the Zora-solution, as may be reasonably inferred from the Documentation made available by QBMT on its website. The publication of benchmark tests run on the Software is expressly prohibited. 2.2. You are not allowed to rent, lease, lend, sell, sublicense, assign or otherwise transfer the whole or part of the Software. Without prejudice to any applicable provision of mandatory law, you are also not allowed to modify, adapt or create derivative works based upon the Software or Documentation, nor are you allowed to reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the Software or describe it in a for humans intelligible form. 2.3. The Software can be installed and used on an indefinite number of devices within your organization. If you are a consumer, you are entitled to install and use the Software on all compatible personal devices you own. You are not entitled to make additional copies of the Software for any other purpose than to use the Zora-solution in compliance with these EULA or in order to make a backup copy. 2.4. You are solely responsible to install and initialize all Software required to properly use the Zora-solution. You are also solely responsible to ensure the compatibility of your hardware and software with the Software. The installation and initialization procedures as well as the necessary system and compatibility requirements are described in the Documentation. 2.5. You shall only use the Zora-solution in a manner that does not violate the rights - including intellectual property rights - of a third party. You will indemnify and hold QBMT harmless for any claim of a third party who has suffered damages as a consequence of a violation of his rights by your use of the Software and Documentation. 2.6. The Zora-solution includes other works encumbered with intellectual property rights. For some of these works you are responsible to acquire the necessary rights from the relevant rights-holders. QBMT will indicate to you in the Documentation for which works such additional usage rights must be obtained when using them in the context of the Zora-solution. If you are a consumer, you recognize that the Zora-solution contains works of music which are encumbered by intellectual property rights and which are delivered to you on a physical carrier (e.g. an SD card). You acknowledge to have bought the rights to use such works for personal and non-commercial purposes only. You also acknowledge to have made a personal copy of these works solely for yourself on and/or via the Zora-solution, allowing you to use these works for your personal and non-commercial purposes only. 3. Warranty and limitations 3.1. QBMT makes the Software and Documentation available to you "as is". In no event does QBMT warrant that your use of the Software shall be error free, uninterrupted or flawless. 3.2. QBMT warrants that the Software and Documentation, with the exclusion of any specific use of the Software and Documentation, do not violate the rights (e.g. intellectual property rights) of third parties. QBMT shall indemnify and hold you harmless for any claim of a third party who has suffered damages as a direct consequence of the Software or Documentation violating his intellectual property rights. You will cooperate in good faith with QBMT in defending or settling such a claim. This clause covers the whole of QBMT's responsibilities with regard to a claim brought by a third party with regard to the violation of his intellectual property rights by the Software and Documentation. 3.3. No warranty shall apply if and when the Zora-solution has been installed, operated, repaired or maintained contrary to the instructions provided in the Documentation, or when the Zora-solution has been subject to abnormal physical or electrical stress, abnormal environmental conditions, misuse or negligence or an accident. 3.4. QBMT warrants that all media on which the Software is furnished shall be free of defects in material and workmanship when used normally and that the Software substantially conforms with what is outlined in the Documentation. If the media furnished are damaged or defective on delivery, QBMT can at its own discretion either choose to provide you with a replacement or refund you the purchase price of the media. 3.5. All hardware delivered with the Zora-solution will be subject to a warranty as provided by the manufacturer of the hardware. If you are a consumer, this clause shall in no event limit or restrict your rights to a warranty as provided for by applicable mandatory law. 3.6. QBMT cannot guarantee the safety of the User Generated Data created, collected, stored and/or transferred via the Zora-solution. QBMT is not responsible for the security of your systems and networks and cannot guarantee that the Zora-solution shall be free from any security incidents. You are held to take all appropriate measures to keep the User Generated Data and your use of the Zora-solution safe from intrusions, attacks or any other form of unauthorized access by third parties. 4. Disclaimer ALL LIABILITY OF QBMT, ITS AFFILIATES, OFFICERS, DIRECTORS, EMPLOYEES AND PARTNERS COLLECTIVELY, TO YOU, WHETHER IN CONTRACT, TORT (INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE), BREACH OF WARRANTY OR OTHERWISE, SHALL NOT EXCEED THE PRICE YOU PAID FOR THE ZORA-SOLUTION WHEN YOU ACQUIRED IT OR THE AMOUNT YOU HAVE ALREADY PAID WHEN YOU LEASED IT WHEN THE SOFTWARE OR DOCUMENATION OF QBMT GAVE RISE TO THE CLAIM. THIS LIMITATION OF LIABILITY FOR SOFTWARE AND DOCUMENTATION IS CUMULATIVE AND NOT PER INCIDENT (I.E. THE EXISTENCE OF TWO OR MORE CLAIMS WILL NOT ENLARGE THIS LIMIT). NOTHING IN THE AGREEMENT SHALL LIMIT THE LIABILITY OF QBMT, ITS AFFILIATES, OFFICERS, DIRECTORS, EMPLOYEES AND PARTNERS TO YOU WHICH CANNOT BE EXCLUDED UNDER APPLICABLE LAW. IN NO EVENT SHALL QBMT HAVE ANY LIABILITY TO YOU FOR INDIRECT DAMAGES SUCH AS ANY LOST PROFITS, LOST OPPORTUNITIES, LOST SAVINGS, ANY LOST DATA AND CLAIMS OF THIRD PARTIES, HOWEVER CAUSED AND UNDER ANY THEORY OF LIABILITY, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO STRICT LIABILITY AND NEGLIGENCE. YOU AGREE THAT THIS ARTICLE REPRESENTS A REASONABLE ALLOCATION OF RISK. 5. Confidentiality 5.1. You agree to treat all information and communications, including knowhow, trade secrets, pricing, technology and research and development, received from QBMT in relation to this EULA as confidential. This means that you will not disclose to a third party nor publish the information and that you will refrain from using it in a unauthorized, negligent or inadvertent manner. All such information shall be returned to QBMT or destroyed upon termination of this EULA. 5.2. Without prejudice to clause 1.5, QBMT agrees to keep all User Generated Data confidential and warrants and undertakes to refrain from communicating the User Generated Data to an unauthorized third party without your explicit permission. 6. Updates, bug fixes and support 6.1. QBMT may decide at its own discretion to make updates to the Software or bug fixes available. Without prejudice to article 3, there shall be no obligation for QBMT to do so. All updates and bug fixes are made available "as is". As soon as you install the updates or bug fixes, they shall become part of the Software. If you choose to have updates or bug fixes to be installed automatically, they will become part of the Software as soon as they are being installed. 6.2. You alone are responsible to download and install the updates or bug fixes made available by QBMT via its website or other appropriate channels. If you choose not to install updates or bug fixes, you shall be responsible for all damages caused by errors in the operation of the Zora-solution which would have been remedied with the update or bug fix. In such event, you will be held to indemnify and hold QBMT harmless for all claims of a third party who has suffered damages as a consequence of such non-remedied errors. 6.3. When updates or bug fixes require certain additional terms and conditions to be accepted or existing terms and conditions of this EULA to be changed, you will be notified before starting the installation of the update or bug fix of such additions or changes. If you do not agree with the additions or changes, you shall have the opportunity to refuse the update or bug fix. 6.4. QBMT is by no means obliged to provide you with technical support such that your use of the Software would be error free and uninterrupted. QBMT shall, however, make first line support available via its website, e-mail or any other communication channel QBMT may choose to use. 6.5. QBMT reserves the right to decide which questions for support it shall answer, and there is no guarantee that your question shall be dealt with. QBMT does not work with a ticketing system. 6.6. First line support shall in principle only involve general answers to questions regarding normal use of the Software and to common problems and difficulties if and when they occur. In no event shall first line support involve: - on-site support; - technical support that involves software development specific to your use case; - in-depth training with regard to using the Software. 6.7.Remote support is possible on request. When requested, it is possible that a Zorabots support engineer remotely logs in to your robot 7. Term and termination 7.1. This EULA and the license(s) granted herein shall be of indefinite duration, unless the license(s) is(are) granted as part of a lease contract with limited term. In the latter instance the term of this EULA and the license(s) shall be the same as the term of the lease contract. 7.2. In the event the lease contract for the Zora-solution is terminated prematurely for whatever reason, this EULA and the license(s) contained herein terminate as well. Any outstanding fees and other expenses shall be payable immediately on the date of such termination.

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