FAQs for Affiliates

FAQs for Affiliates

How do I track My Affiliate Performance?

Go to the Visits and Commissions page on your Affiliate Dashboard to see all the details. You can track your earnings and check your Commissions to request payment after your first commission is generated and confirmed. Our affiliate links contain unique identifiers, allowing us to track anyone directed from your website. Please do not use UTM tags with your affiliate links, which may interfere with tracking.

How do I get my Affiliate Links?

You can copy and paste a product URL into the Link Generator box to generate Referral Links in your Dashboard once your Affiliate account has been approved.

Who is eligible for Oz Robotics Affiliate Program?

The Oz Robotics Affiliate Program is for anyone, including professionals, agencies, and companies. However, the program is only open to a select number of affiliates, specifically those who can deliver demonstrated new traffic.

I was approved for Oz Robotics Affiliate Program but can no longer login. What happened?

Affiliate accounts that show no activity, such as visits, clicks, etc., within 30 days will automatically be removed from the program without written or verbal consent. There won’t be account recovery after that. This is because we can provide affiliates with the best service and revenue-earning potential and minimize the spam accounts created pretending to be affiliate accounts.

I applied for Oz Robotics Affiliate Program but haven’t heard anything. What should I do next?

We have changed our affiliate program to provide our affiliates with the best service and highest revenue possible. Therefore we are only working with a select number of affiliates. However, we will contact you by email you provided if we feel like there is a fit for our program.

Is Oz Robotics Affiliate Program open to anyone? Can I join?

The program is currently limited to a select number of participants to maintain the best service and revenue opportunities for our affiliates. We operate in an invite-only capacity, but please contact us if you could partner with us to drive meaningful referrals.

What is Oz Robotics Business Model?

Our business is based on the Direct-to-Consumer model to avoid multiple channels between manufacturers and consumers to help you save more and get after-sales service faster!

How do you handle sales tax?

We only charge sales tax based on the US Nexus Tax Law. Nexus, also called “sufficient physical presence,” is a legal term that refers to the requirement for companies doing business in a state to collect and pay tax on sales in that state. For example, if you sell goods or services in Los Angeles, you must file and pay California state taxes.

How Do I Get Paid?

From your Affiliate Dashboard, you can request payment once you have at least a $10.00 commission from your sales. Once we receive your payment request, we will send your total commission to your PayPal.

I still need help. How do I contact you?

Please get in touch with us regarding any questions or concerns.

Thank you for doing business with Oz Robotics