Our Research and The Process

Our Research and The Process

We have outlined a Step-By-Step Guide of Our Research and the Process

How we decide which supplier to partner with


We research your company to see how we can best partner together. As a result, if we find your products and company suitable for us to work together, we will send you an email invitation for a possible partnership. Upon your reply, we will send you our proposal that outlines our partnership process.


Once you sign up on Oz Robotics and/or we receive your partnership inquiry application form, you will receive an introductory email with details on how to proceed in partnering with Oz Robotics. If your account is approved, you can set up your store and start adding your products very easily.


We work with you to construct your product and content, pushing the boundaries of the Paid Premium, Organic Optimization, and other marketing methodologies as much as possible. We provide all the Paid Marketing and Premium advertisements for your products and services, brand, and company name.

Go Live

We get to work on bringing your concept to life. We arrange a functional and professional-looking page suitable and relevant to your product(s), helping you with your page banner, logo, and overall content. We will show you updates as we go along and make adjustments from your feedback if necessary.


As soon as your product is listed and page tweaking is complete with branding, content, banner, logo, product image size, product tags, and marketable materials, we will publish the listings to showcase your product(s) and begin marketing with paid premium online and offline advertisements.


Oz Robotics Provides a Simpler and Profitable Way for Suppliers to Find Potential Buyers. We give you a fully functional eCommerce platform, so you don’t need to build a website. We sell your products in specific markets, making it easier for consumers to find what they are looking for.

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