Our Research and The Process

Our Research and The Process

We have outlined a Step-By-Step Guide of Our Research and the Process

How do we decide which supplier to partner with


After we study your company to see how we can best partner together; as a result, if we find your products and business suitable, we will send you a short email invitation for a possible partnership. Upon your reply, we will send you our proposal that outlines the details.


Once you agreed with our business proposal and our team answered your questions, we will help you create your supplier or vendor account. Once we approved your account, you can set up your store and add your products very easily moving forward.


We work with you to prepare your products with their content for Paid and Organic Optimization as much as possible so we can advertise your innovation, services, brand, and company name at the global level to all markets possible.

Go Live and Marketing

We will publish your products and begin marketing with paid campaigns and offline advertisements. We will show you updates as we go along and make adjustments if necessary to make your products stand out for visitors and search engines.


We provide a simpler and profitable way for our suppliers to find potential buyers. We give you a fully functional eCommerce Platform, so you don’t need to build a website. We sell your products in specific markets, making it easier for consumers to find what they want.

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