Why Buy from Oz Robotics

Why Buy from Oz Robotics

We're going to be your favorite Tech Company!

While many companies use community forums to provide support, which may take days to find an answer, Oz Robotics offers the fastest customer support, allowing you to communicate with us almost immediately. You can expect a response within 24 hours for product-related complex cases.

Zero Tolerance

We take our Business and your Business personal because, without persons, there won’t be any business!

Therefore, you will have the Oz Robotics team on your side. As our customer, we will ensure your order will be delivered on time and safely. Furthermore, working with us will give you additional comfort and guarantee for manufacturing, negotiations, shipment, and replacements for any damages, delays, disputes, and everything related to your order. In addition, we only showcase the latest and best products on our website so that you can buy the hottest products, not obsolete items forgotten in some warehouses.

No Middleman!

You will avoid unnecessary charges and stages. You will not need to go through the pyramid sale system to buy a product or exchange many emails to get to the right person. You will not be wasting countless hours or days to get a reply. Because we are committed to providing the best customer support and products with competitive pricing. If you’ve any questions or feedback about our Website or products or need help reviewing your account, please email us at support@ozrobotics.com or fill out the Contact Us form. Customer Service is a top priority at Oz Robotics, and our team will provide you with the first-class service we are known for.

Relax, We Got This!

From Drones, Robotics, 3D Printers, and the newest Smart Techs, Oz Robotics brings you the best innovations for businesses, Schools, Homes, Institutions, and Enthusiasts. If you are looking for a product but can’t find it on our website, please email us the link to look it up.

At Oz Robotics, you have 5 hours to request an order cancellation with a full refund after placing an order because we know mistakes happen; therefore, we want to help you without any hardship. See our 5-Hour Policy.

Easily Track Your Order

As soon as we ship your order, you’ll receive an automated email confirming your shipping details with its tracking number. Please check your SPAM folder if you have not received it. Please note it takes at least 2 to 3 days to process your order for shipment. Please email us at sales@ozrobotics.com or use the Contact Us form if you have not received your order. See How to Track My Order?

With Us You’re Protected

We make sure that our customers, suppliers, freelancers, and affiliates are protected. We safeguard your personal information by prioritizing it with our dedicated security experts. We are partnered with PayPal, Stripe, and ApplePay to offer you the most secure payment gateways to process your online transactions. See Safe Payment.

No Cookies, No SPAM, No Newsletters!

We will not force you to Accept Cookies or Sign Up for a Newsletter! No Annoying Pop-ups! Notice you do not see annoying pop-ups on our website forcing you to agree with non-consent policies to store your personal information or tracking cookies. We do not even show any pop-ups to ask you to enter your email address. It means we do not store your personal information or cookies or track what you click. You are welcome to save any product by clicking on Add to My Wishlist within the product page you are on. We do not keep your financial information because we do not offer POS. You can purchase from us via secure PayPal or Stripe payment systems. See MORE on Safe Browsing!


Before purchasing, you can contact us, read testimonials, and see product reviews. If no reviews are available, that means our customers are happy. You can also drop us a line through the product’s Questions tab. We are here to help whenever you need us. To protect our customers, we cease our partnership with brands and manufacturers who don’t want to offer after-sale customer service and suppliers that do not provide legitimate warranties for their products. And we will continue to filter those vendors to ensure our customers receive the best possible experience and good products from great folks. See our Code of Ethics.

Financing is Available

Oz Robotics is partnering with you to buy and pay over time with PayPal Credit anywhere PayPal is accepted, and you get six months of special financing on purchases of $99+ every time you shop. For more info, please click here.

We Support!

We help schools, businesses, and communities. We support all types of creative minds, from startups to well-established businesses or brands, to sell their innovation globally while helping consumers and educational institutions buy the latest and best technologies affordably and fast! In addition, we help Students, Schools, and Teachers by offering educational discounts to allow them to research, learn, and create new things. The following Companies and Schools trust Oz Robotics.

We retire old products!

We retire certain items with the newest technologies to continuously improve our products and business and to help our customers have the best experience. Examining, refining, and streamlining our product offerings is paramount. Therefore, as needed, we will retire products with manufacturing defects, including older and outdated ones.

Bad Vendors or Bad Products!

We cease our partnership with bad Vendors who do not honor their work with repair and replacement, those who don’t want to offer after-sale technical support or provide legitimate warranties for their products, or companies who profit from shipping fees, which we found very unethical. And we will continue to filter those bad suppliers to ensure our customers receive the best experience and good products from great folks.

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