Oscal 300L Trolley Foldable Wagon for Long-Lasting Efficient Transport

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It can hold up to 300 L, and its large capacity allows it to handle most hauling tasks easily.

  • Weight: 27.8lbs
  • Dimensions(in): 37.8(L) *28.35(W) *25(H)

The trolley is also designed to transport your PowerMax 3600 multi-gym.

Made In: United States (US)

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Oscal Trolley Wagon for Long-Lasting Efficient Transport and Carrying Everything Around with Ease

Long-Lasting Efficient Transport: Wide wheels do better on complex terrains. The sturdy wheels are made of PP+PVC, which has perfect maneuverability and higher transportation efficiency than others. It boasts a maximum carrying capacity of 300 pounds. It can roll over obstructions such as rocks, roots, and curbs. The wheels have double bearings to maximize the carrying capacity and safety, which reflects its performance. Remember, though, that wagons don’t work on soft sand.

Carrying Everything Around with Ease: If you can’t take Everything in at once but have to ship it back and forth multiple times – that’s exactly what people have the most headaches about. Finding a folding wagon that can take it all is a tall order, but the Uyittour wagon is filled with magic, even though it is like a lifesaver. It can hold up to 160 L, and its large capacity allows it to handle most hauling tasks easily.

It fits into Any Space: Powerful wagons could come in small packages. The perfect folding wagon should collapse easily into a compact package in a few steps. It features pull tabs on the bottom of the wagon. You only need to pull and use the strap to fix it gently. Maximum convenience is guaranteed with the foldable handle, which also provides easy carry-in and storage. It can be stored in a closet, garage, or car trunk.

Impressive Additional Features: Locking front wheels prevent foldable wagons from rolling away when on a slope. Small pockets provide a place to store smaller items, and the exterior sides expand to accommodate garden tools, a folding chair, or other bulky equipment. A flexible handle could achieve the rebound function and keep the wagon upright. You don’t have to bend over to reach the handle.

Camping, Transport, Always Enjoyable: For a wagon that can roll fully loaded across different terrains, check out the Oscal Wagon. It’s super practicality and stylish appearance will attract you. The wheel configuration gave us significantly more control for stability and maneuverability on uneven terrain. This was quickly the best cart for most terrains. Make the Oscal wagon your perfect companion for a camping trip. You can take it home to be your efficient helper.

The trolley is also designed to transport your PowerMax 3600 multi-gym.

Additional information

Weight 27.8 lbs
Dimensions 37.8 × 28.35 × 25 in

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