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Welcome to the UVify store on OZ Robotics. UVify is a developer and manufacturer of high-performance drones, autonomous technologies, and related hardware and software. We are committed to pushing the limits of technology and our consistent results are proof of our drive.

UVify Draco HD Drone (Draco HD + Controller + ProSight RX)


This special Draco HD Bundle comes with a controller & ProSight RX – Simply bind it up to the provided transmitter to take to the skies. You will need to purchase HD goggles to feel the Draco HD flying in your eyes.

Made In: United States (US)

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UVify Draco HD Drone (Draco HD + Controller + ProSight RX)

This special Draco HD Bundle comes with a controller & ProSight RX – Simply bind it up to the provided transmitter to take to the skies. You will need to purchase HD goggles to feel the Draco HD flying in your eyes.

Upgradeable core components: UVify’s modular design gives you the power to upgrade your Draco as you desire.

Rapid-swap battery: Keep flying with UVify’s patented rapid-swap smart battery. Draco’s battery has a computer built in that measures mission critical information, including voltage, current, mAH, and battery life. Draco’s rapid-swap smart battery is a snap to use and gives you the freedom to transport your gear without worry.

Maximum portability: Draco components are easily transported and quickly assembled, giving you the freedom to get up and go to the most extreme flying environments with ease.

You break we replace: Draco has been battle tested in the most extreme conditions around the world. But if you do manage to break an arm, it’s easy to keep flying thanks to UVify’s hot-swap arm.

Ready to fly: Optimized for racing, freestyling and extreme aerial cinematography, the Draco series comes flight-ready with powerful features and is amazingly easy to use.

High-performance drones built to endure: A precisely tuned powertrain enables Draco to cut through 3D space faster than a hot knife through butter, all while staying cool and stylish.

Modular build: Draco gives you versatility and durability. Its swappable parts enable you to quickly repair or modify your Draco, keeping you in the race.

Smart battery technology: Keep flying with UVify’s patented rapid-swap smart battery. Draco’s battery has a built-in computer that measures mission-critical information, including voltage, current and battery life.

Integrated charger and balancer: Integrated charger and balancer, no need to set up a charger, just plug it into the UVify charge block and it’ll do the rest.

Future proof: Draco was designed with the future in mind. UVify’s modular build ensures that your Draco will benefit from the latest and greatest innovations from our lab.

Built for speed: Draco’s propulsion system is optimized for high-performance. UVify is composed of experts with years of design knowledge and experience relating to drone technologies, bringing you bleeding-edge technology.


Technical information and firmware updates can be found below.

Package dimensions: 320 x 250 x 110 mm
Dimensions (with arm): 190 x 210 mm
Diagonal wheelbase: 240 mm
Weight (without battery): 0.498 kg
Material: Highly crash resistant polycarbonate plastic composition, 4k twill carbon chassis
Color: Matte black finish
Max angular velocity: 1000 degree / sec
Max pitch angle: Unlimited
Max speed: 44 m/sec
Max flight Time: 9 min (hovering), 2 min (full throttle forward flight)

Lens: 2.5mm
Communication frequency: 5.8 GHz
Video format: Digital 720p HD
On screen display (OSD): Full Graphics OSD with battery voltage and RSSI

Input: 110-240V, 0.8A (MAX.) 50/60 Hz
Output: 16.8V, 1.5A

Net weight: 0.19 kg
Rated capacity: 1600 mAh, 23.68 Wh
Voltage 14.8V
Battery type: LiPo 4S
Discharge rate: 65C (continuous), 100C (burst)
Communication protocol: SMBus
Mode: Self-Discharge Mode, Storage Mode, Capacity Check, Firmware Update
Sensor: Onboard current and voltage sensor
Feature: Onboard charging and balancing circuits, Memory capability, monitor lifespan and performance over time

Type: Direct drive 3-phase brushless DC motor
Stator size: 2206 (2300 kV)
Power: 500W (continuous)
Magnet: High temperature neodymium arc magnets
Shaft: 5mm titanium hollow shaft
Pole: 12/14

Power: 30A continuous, 60A burst
Algorithm: Field Oriented Control (Sinusoidal Control) or Square Wave Control for better Max RPM
Active braking: Yes

Diameter: 5 inches
Pitch: 4.5
Material: Polycarbonate
Max thrust: 1.2kg

Axis: 6-axis
Mount: Specially designed vibration isolation system
Interface: SPI (32kHz)

Performance: 32-bit, Cortex-M4
Modular:Yes (80-pin interface)

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to get Draco flying?

Draco ships with nearly everything required to get flying – it is what is known as almost ready to fly (ARTF). To begin flying, you will need to purchase a supported transmitter. Once you have completed the binding process with Draco you can fly line of sight (LOS) immediately. If you wish get the full FPV experience, you will need a pair of 5.8GHz FPV goggles as well, however this is optional. Everything else is included in the box.

What is the flight time of Draco?

Both models of Draco come with a 1600maH 4S LiPo with a max discharge rate of 75c. This enables Draco to have extremely fast acceleration and a high-top speed.

When it comes to Draco’s total flight time, it is extremely variable depending on how you are flying at the time. For example, in race conditions where Draco is at top speed on a regular basis, the flight time is likely to be around 2-3 minutes.

This is usually long enough for a high-speed race under competitive conditions and is in-line with other racing drones on the market. If you are flying Draco at a more relaxed pace with a mixture of high / low speed, flight times of 9-10 minutes can be achieved. It is extremely dependent to the exact flight conditions as well. Large periods of hovering will reduce flight time as more energy is consumed hovering than in forward flight.

Weather conditions, such as high winds can also be a contributing factor. Please take all of the above into consideration when flying Draco and ensure you keep an eye on the OSD in your FPV goggles. You should be looking to land at around 14v.

What is the KV of The Draco Motors?

We have received a few questions relating to the KV of the Motors on Draco. The Custom Designed UVify Motors which are on Draco are 2300KV.

How can I change the settings on my Draco?

When you receive your Draco, it will be set-up in Angle mode. Angle mode is the best set-up for beginners who haven’t flown before. If you are an experienced Pilot or feel you’d like to try the other flight modes available, you can do so by using the UVify configurator.

How many Cycles per battery?

Draco’s Smart battery has been developed by UVify to achieve maximum performance and reliability in-flight. It is important that you ensure your battery is correctly looked after and maintained by carrying out regular charging and discharging of the unit.

With a well-maintained Draco Battery, you should be looking at 150+ high performance cycles of the battery before performance begins to degrade gradually as with any LiPO of this nature.

If you notice any unusual behavior from your battery or poor performance, please contact us by raising a ticket within the help center. One of our team will be on hand to assist.

What are the Battery Specs?

Draco and Draco HD ship with our custom-designed Smart Battery. The Specification of the battery is as follows:

  • 1600MaH Capacity
  • 75c Discharge rate
  • Hot swappable functionality
  • No external wires
  • Overcharge protection
  • Discharge protection
  • Draco ships with 1 battery in the box (Excluding special bundles). You can purchase additional Draco batteries from our online store singularly or in multipacks at a discounted price.

Which FPV goggles work with Draco HD?

Draco HD uses the Connex Prosight system. To be able to use Goggles with Draco HD, you will require a pair that support HDMI input (Any variant). Some supported goggles are listed below and we will continue to update this list as new FPV goggles are released.

Supported Goggles

Avegant Glyph Headset
Fatshark Dominator HD2
Fatshark Dominator HD3
Headplay 7 Headset

Aftermarket Propellers for Draco?

Draco and Draco HD ship with propellers in the box. In addition to this, UVify will offer propeller packs of various colours for customization and increased flight performance. These packs are now available in the store for purchase.

If you purchase Draco, you can fit your own aftermarket props if you wish to do so. Below is a list of supported and recommended propellers for Draco:

Supported Propellers

DAL 5045 Tri-blades
DAL 5050C Tri-blades
GEMFAN 5045 Tri-blades

Difference between Draco and Draco HD?

To look at, the difference between Draco and Draco HD is very subtle. On the outside, the visual differences will be the Antenna’s and the camera and lens. However, internally they are very different craft. Draco comes with 5.8GHz Analog video transmission – the most commonly used set-up in use by pilots and racers all over the World. Draco HD, however, comes with a Digital Video transmission system, allowing for better visual clarity, higher resolution of image and no video interference.

Draco HD is designed around the Connex Prosight system. You’ll need a Connex Prosight Receiver to receive the transmission which in turn, outputs the video feed to HD FPV goggles via a HDMI cable. Draco on the other hand only requires a 5.8GHz compatible pair of FPV goggles to stream the feed to your eyes wirelessly.

Draco HD has superior visuals all round compared to the analog system. However, analog is the more affordable and is widely recognized as the current “Standard” which most Drone Racing organizations and clubs use.

You’ll need to decide which Draco is right for you, weighing up the pro’s and con’s of each system. However, if you do decide to go for Draco and wish to upgrade to Draco HD at a later stage, we will offer an upgrade kit on the UVify store which will allow you to swap out the components in your current Draco to upgrade it to the HD version – giving you the best of both World’s with zero compromise.


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UVify is a San Francisco based developer and manufacturer of high-performance drones, autonomous technologies, and related hardware and software. We are committed to pushing the limits of technology and our consistent results are proof of our drive. Our team is dedicated to creating innovative technologies that establish new standards in drones and autonomous systems which translate into amazing products. Our specialties include: Software and Hardware Engineering, Design, Aeronautics, Content Development and Gaming.

UVify is the recipient of CES 2018 Best Emerging Tech and Best Mini Drone / Best Beginner’s Drone award from Drone Rush for its OOri micro drone, the world’s fastest production micro racing drone; and recipient of CES 2017 Best Drone/Robot Award by Engadget, Best Danger by the Verge, and Best Drone by Robotics Trends.

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