Why we do not buy in bulk

Why we do not buy in bulk

We do not buy in bulk because the best business practice in the reselling world is diligence to bring you the newest, freshest, and hottest techs!

Stocking products is generally not a wise investment for bulk purchases unless there are a large number of customers already in line for the products or there is great demand for a particular item, such as with the iPhone, even though you may not be able to go through your stock before it becomes obsolete. For example, even Apple releases a new version of the iPhone every 6 to 12 months, making it hard to sell the old one once you have the new version in your store.

The Good and the Bad of Bulk Buying

Why we don’t buy in bulkManufacturers and suppliers have understood that for average local retailers, domestic resellers, or distributors, buying their goods in bulk will help them with quick cash and less hassle for shipping and distribution because it provides the impression of being a good deal for both parties. However, they naturally want their products to be purchased correctly and expect you to provide tech support to the buyer; it does not quite work that way.

However, the main concern is buying in bulk and whether such product(s) are not in demand by the market and cannot be sold now, later, or even never. Nearly every day, we meet or speak with new entrepreneurs and tech companies with better, faster, and more affordable products and innovations that are techier than what was built a day or week before. Naturally, our consumers always want to buy the newest product; nevertheless, we are a supplier consumer.

Techs are not like Daily Food. They will go quickly. Instead, they may stay on the shelves for years!

It simply does not make sense to buy a 12-pack of drones, three samples of printers, or thousands of dollars worth of robots, even if it’s exceptionally cheap. Furthermore, even though we are confident that we will pay less when we buy in bulk, the comparison can be difficult because another newly innovated similar brand can offer even cheaper deals.

The Bottom Line

The best business practice in the reselling world is diligence. As a Technology Company, we provide manufacturers and entrepreneurs with a potential new source of revenue and profitability where they are constantly looking for new ways to increase sales and improve their exposure without paying any monthly fees. This itself provides customer satisfaction and unparalleled service to our vendor partners. However, remember that not every item in a store is a bargain, or what was a great deal last month or last year might not be a good deal now. Technology changes dynamically and quickly as time changes, and we must keep up with it. Therefore, we will continue to focus on helping technology makers sell their goods and providing buyers with top-of-the-line products.

Thank you for doing business with Oz Robotics