Write A Blog

Write A Blog

Submit articles, research, ideas, and insights about your product(s) sold on the OzRobotics.com website to boost your ranking and overall traffic. Upon submission, your article will be in PENDING mode for review. Once accepted, you will see your blog post live on our Technology Blog. Thank you.

How To:

Please do not copy from another website unless you are the writer. Repetition does not work well on search engines.

  1. Title: Your Blog Title should not exceed 70 characters, and it should be in lower cases, starting with a capital letter.
  2. Content: If you are going to Copy and Paste from your website or your news articles, then copy and paste into the “Text” editor, NOT the “Visual” editor.  Then click on the Visual editor to clean your article from unnecessary wording, fonts, images, and overall content before submitting.
  3. Excerpt: A concise description or a plotline of your article. Please write a short description in the Excerpt section for your article.
  4. Thumbnail: Click on the + sign from the Thumbnail to upload your product image for your article.
  5. Categories: Please choose the correct category before you submit.
  6. Tags: Please enter the keywords that used in your article.

Note: To help readers know what product you have written for, link your keywords to your product listed on Oz Robotics.