Benefits of DropShipping for Vendors

Benefits for Vendors such as Manufacturers,  Brand Owners, Distributors, and Resellers

    1. Like Your Own Website: It is as if sales are made on your own website while we do all the heavy lifting with paid marketing via Google, Instagram, and other platforms, including our Affiliate Network. We cover all the paid advertising and affiliate commissions from our account while you can keep up to a 90% profit margin.

    2. Upfront Payments: You get paid immediately without waiting for a monthly threshold for every order before you ship. We advertise your products to businesses, consumers, schools, industries, governments, institutions, and other markets. See some Stats

    3. No Exclusivity: You can partner with us to sell your technology as an Exclusive or Non-Exclusive vendor. We ask nothing from you except to create your vendor account and add your products with their shipping fees. We will do everything else at no cost to you.

    4. No Worries: A Flawless Partnership with no agenda other than selling! There is no need to pay us a monthly fee unless you want to choose a paid plan to keep more margin for each sale. We even cover the PayPal/Stripe processing fees with the Free Plan.

    5. Your Brand: You control your brand identity by offering after-sale technical support to protect your innovation for maximum customer satisfaction, boost trust for your products, and retain control over your brand name.

    6. No Surprises: No hidden fees, chargeback expenses, or surprise percentages. A Friendly and Supportive partnership to work together as a team, helping our customers to buy the best innovations affordably and fast.

    7. Fast Support: We quickly respond to your emails to get things done Fast and Efficiently! Many resellers or distributors use community forums or robot chat boxes with no results, which makes customers even more frustrated from the lack of being helped, or it may take days for them to find or get an answer! Whereas Oz Robotics offers the fastest live support to our Vendors, Customers, and Affiliates by an actual human staff, allowing you to communicate with us almost immediately. Read Testimonials by our Vendors and Customers.

    8. No-Brainer: Even if we wanted to, we could not make creating Your Vendor Account and Adding Your Products simpler with pictures and easy-to-read 123 instructions, which you will see in your Vendor Dashboard once you become a partner. We Love Simplicity!

We can list more benefits, but we believe you have already felt the drive and excitement of the Oz Robotics team about how we can work together to bring you more sales.

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