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Selling Plans for Businesses of All Sizes

Sell your Hardware and Software to Businesses, Schools, and Consumers worldwide. As a result of our Paid Advertising Campaigns, Organic Marketing, and Affiliate Network, we will extend your reach for extra Sales, Brand Awareness, and Exposure for your products and services.

Startup Selling Plan: FREE

This plan is excellent for companies of all sizes who do not want to pay a small monthly fee but give up more margin.

Plan Details:

  • Product Limit: 1000

  • Disk Limit: 10GB

  • Files Count Limit: 5000

Professional Selling Plan: $9/month

This plan suits companies who want to pay a small monthly fee to keep more margin on each sale.

Plan Details:

  • Product Limit: 1000

  • Disk Limit: 10GB

  • Files Count Limit: 5000

Optional Selling Plan: $19/month

This plan is great for companies who do not want to give up more margin on each sale vs. the other two plans.

Plan Details:

  • Product Limit: 1000

  • Disk Limit: 10GB

  • Files Count Limit: 5000

Subscription-Based Software: You have two options.

  1. You can choose the Professional Selling Plan with a $9/month for us to forward potential customers to your website so they can sign up there.
  2. With any of our three partnership plans above, from the Product Type, you could choose the Simple Subscription option within your product page for customers to sign up on our website.

Downloadable Software: You have two options.

  1. With any of our three partnership plans above, you will have to upload your software to our website in a zip file for customers to download upon purchase.
  2. You can sign up for the Professional Selling Plan: $9/month for us to forward potential customers to your website.

Vendor Store Features

  • Sell Hardware, Software, and Subscription-based Products
  • Easy to use fully private store with a secure dashboard showing sales and reports
  • Set your shipping fees
  • Run promotions, including free shipping
  • Attract shoppers with custom services on demand
  • Easy to use product detail pages with fully-featured front-end product add/edit capabilities
  • Manage inventory with stock level and backorders, and do more
  • Sell in multiple categories
  • Sell physical, digital, virtual, or variable products
  • Add all product types, Simple, Grouped, Downloadable, and Variable products are all built into the front-end dashboard
  • Shipping options for vendors to add shipping costs with country table rate, flat rate, per continent, and the rest of the world
  • Shipment Tracking for Vendors to enter tracking numbers
  • Vendors can create their coupons with expiration dates
  • Vendors can use their banners, logo avatars/icons, and company information on their stores
  • With so many easy-to-use additional tools, you can manage your products, orders, and coupons and do more with simplicity
  • We do all the paid marketing for online and offline advertising at no cost to you

Partnering with Oz Robotics is Very Easy

Oz Robotics and ReSeller agree to terms

Once we agree on terms, your product listing and our marketing begin.

As a result of paid marketing, our customer buys your product.

We release the half or full payment to you via PayPal for each order.

You ship the product to our customer directly via UPS, DHL, FedEx, or USPS.

Our customer confirms that they have received the product on time.

Open to All Possibilities

If you cannot partner with us, we can partner with your distributor or reseller. This way, you will not lose any sales we might generate for you.

Payment and Shipping

For each sale, we will send you payment via PayPal. In addition, you’ll have a fully functional eCommerce platform to monitor your sales, customers, and inventory.

Support System

At Oz Robotics, customer service is a top priority; therefore, we help our customers, partners, affiliates, and freelancers with the first-class support that we are known for.

New Recommendations

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