Hyundai acquired Boston Dynamics

In 2021, Hyundai Robotics acquired Boston Dynamics, Inc.

Hyundai Motor Group is actively developing the robotics field as a future growth engine for the 4th industrial revolution. In 2021, they acquired ‘Boston Dynamics, Inc., a US robot company, and developed a ‘Factory Safety Service Robot’ equipped with artificial intelligence-based software.

According to the Hyundai Robotics team, the robotic market is expected to increase as it expands into various fields. Recently, mobility-specialized companies are increasing their investment to link technology with artificial intelligence and manufacturing fields. For example, under the goal of ‘Progress for Humanity.

Hyundai and Kia Motors recognized this as a ‘customer-oriented manufacturing platform implemented with technology’ and unveiled ‘E-FOREST,’ a smart factory brand. E-FOREST is ‘Auto-FLEX,’ meaning flexible and advanced assembly, logistics, and inspection automation; ‘Intelligent,’ meaning the establishment of an AI-based autonomous control system; It aims for three values, ‘Humanity,’ and plans to open up the infinite possibilities of future mobility by organically connecting people, nature, and technology.

The most significant value of Hyundai Motor Group is ‘people-oriented.’ This is why Hyundai Motor Group puts excellent effort into robot R&D. This is because the more precisely the robot evolves, the safer and more convenient life can be. The robotics field is one of the five new businesses that are the future growth engine of Hyundai Motor Group. The three robot fields – wearable robots, service robots, and micro-mobility – are the answer to the age of the 4th industrial revolution and an aging society, where advanced technologies and concerns about technological alienation coexist.

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