First Australian Sterilisation Robot

Rotacaster Wheels Guide First Australian Sterilisation Robot The Rotacaster R4 Quad Mounted wheel base has been used by Australian, world-leading sterilisation equipment manufacturer, Atherton. The wheelbase has been used on Australia’s first Central Sterilising Department (CDSR) robot to ensure a safer and healthier workplace for staff at the Royal Hobart Hospital. The CSD robot will […]

ANYmal Research is a community to Advance Legged Robotics

ANYmal is a quadrupedal robot designed for autonomous operation in challenging environments. Driven by special compliant and precisely torque controllable actuators, the system is capable of dynamic running and high-mobile climbing. Thanks to incorporated laser sensors and cameras, the robot can perceive its environment, accurately localize, and autonomously plan its navigation path and carefully select […]

Having Fun while Learning Robotics for STEM Education

Each module of the robot is independent, and the assembly and dismantlement only needs a inherent way to connect or disconnect the module to realize customization of simple assembly. You can get more skills and tricks for Ganker through App Settings, which will increase entertainment and the interactivity of competitive robots in operation and use greatly.

The Social Robots

The future social robots will share our personal space, interact with us and with each other to provide emotional engagement and entertainment. Meet Miro, the adorable robot companion  Buy Miro Robot Our approach is to build robots that think and operate very much like animals; from their senses and decision-making processes, all the way […]