Kawasaki Robotics

Kawasaki Robotics produced the first commercial, the industrial robot, in Japan in 1969

In 1969, Kawasaki Heavy Industries manufactured the first industrial robot in Japan. Since then, they have stood as one of the leading robot manufacturers, with their products used to develop automotive and other industries in Japan and around the world with their customers.

As a pioneer in industrial robot manufacturing, they have developed and supplied high-quality, high-performance robots for various applications such as welding, assembly, material handling, painting, and palletizing. Their robots work in diverse sectors, including the automotive, electrical, and electronics sectors, drawing on technologies and experience accumulated during decades of experience.

They offer solutions that meet consumers’ needs for automation, labor-saving efforts, enhanced productivity, quality, and the work environment.

Since 1878, Kawasaki Heavy Industries has manufactured products ranging from ships, planes, and motorcycles to industrial robot arms for automotive and general industries. Driven by decades of experience in manufacturing, they focused on creating industry-leading robots that they would want to use in their factories. As a result, Kawasaki Robotics is known for producing high-quality industrial robots that stand the test of time as manufacturing evolves.

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