Sell more with high resolution product images

Sellers who show consistent, high-resolution images on their product listings see more customer engagement on Google Search. Currently, only 0% of your product listings show a high-resolution image. Be sure to provide at least three high-resolution images for product listings in most categories and at least five high-resolution images for those in apparel categories. Depending on the product’s aspect ratio, you can provide images in either portrait (4:3) or landscape (16:9) format.

How to add high-resolution images

Start by uploading high-resolution images to your web server.

  • You’re done if your high-resolution images use the same file name and URL. Google will pick up the improved images next time your feed is processed.
  • If your high-resolution images have new or different file names, update the image or additional_image attributes in your feed. You can do this by uploading a feed, submitting a feed through Content API, or importing content from an e-commerce platform.