Pi-BB – Half-Size Double-Sided Powered Breadboard, USB Powered


Pi-BB – Half-Size Double-Sided Powered breadboard, USB Powered with a 40 pin Header soldered. Powers a Raspberry Pi and breadboard or just the breadboard.

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Pi-BB – Half-Size Double-Sided Powered Breadboard, USB Powered

  • Pi-BB is a Half-Size-USB-powered breadboard ideal for a Raspberry Pi.
  • Pi-BB breadboard/prototype board offers dual-layer 30 columns x 10 rows or a total of 300 connection points. Five connection points are available for each column, with a total of 60 columns. Pi-BB uses the 3.3V and 5V from the Raspberry Pi and makes that available as a separate 5V and 3.3V bus.
  • Pi-BB includes a 40 pin (2×20 pin) Raspberry Pi header.
  • Mirrored Raspberry Pi header allows access to all pins and GPIO’s on the Raspberry Pi. Alternately, use a 40 pin cable (2×20 pin cable) and access connections to the breadboard.
  • Pi-BB can be connected to a Raspberry Pi as a HAT.
  • USB Power-In provides power to the Raspberry Pi from a single USB-in Port and the 5V and 3.3V bus on the breadboard. Optionally, power only the electronics on the board as a stand-alone board (5V only). Note – the 3.3V power is tapped from the Pi. 5V power is provided from the USB port. 3.3V and 5V bus is separate – makes it easy to solder the appropriate power for the electronics, breakout boards, I2C, SPI, etc.
  • Standard 0.1 inch or 2.54 mm spacing – makes it convenient to attach resistors, diodes, Integrated Circuits (IC), IC holders, breakout boards, etc. Dual-layer – solder on the top layer or bottom layer. It makes adding or soldering components easy.
  • LED indicator is on when power is on. LED can be turned off using the LED jumper on the board. LED jumper shunt-in turns on the LED. When the shunt is removed, LED is turned off.
  • Same dimensions as a Raspberry Pi. The mounting hole matches HAT specifications, allowing Pi-BB to be mounted securely on top of the Pi. Use with a Raspberry Pi or standalone for prototyping work.
  • See the pictures provided, especially if you need to mount it on top of a Raspberry Pi.
  • Soldering required.


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Alchemy Power Inc. (now a part of GP Consulting Inc.) has created HATs and boards for the Raspberry Pi. Irrespective of the type o Pi or a Pi clone, we conform to the 40 pin header definition set by the Raspberry Pi foundation. All our boards work across different models of the Pi (subject to current demands by different versions of the Pi). Like Apple, we design, test, build prototypes in the USA. The final production is done in China or other countries to provide maximum value to our customers.

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