Solid State LiDAR CE30-C Point Cloud Data for Robots Autonomous Vehicles

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Detection Range: 0.1-4m.
FoV: 132*9 degree (device output), 112*9 degree (SDK output)
Pixel Resolution: 320*24 (device output), 480*24 (SDK output)
Accuracy: Centimeter-level (1% Relative error).
Frame Rate: 20fps.
Enclosure Rating: IP65.
Anti-ambient light: Function under 60k Lux ambient light.
Power: 12VDC(≥2A)

Solid State Array LiDAR with Point Cloud Data for Robots AGV Autonomous Vehicles Benewake CE30-C

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Benewake Solid State Array 3D Lidar Point Cloud Data Distance Detection Sensor Wide FOV for Robots AGV Mobile Robotics Autonomous Vehicle applications. With its specially optimized obstacle avoidance mode, the detecting area of interest can be set. The single-point projection distance information of the nearest distance point could be transferred through CANBUS. Compared with single-line scanning LiDAR, CE30-C does not contain any rotating components, which could ensure the reliability, durability, and a wider vertical detecting range.

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Complete Solid-state LiDAR
Area array detecting
Wide horizontal FoV: 132°
Vertical FoV: 9°
Depth and point cloud mode

CE30-C is a solid-state infrared LiDAR which is developed based on the ToF principle. Equipped with its special hardware design, it can complete the measurement of wide horizontal FOV and output the grey and depth information at the same time.

CE30-C Specification:
Method: Time of flight
Peak Wavelength: 850nm
FoV: 132*9 degree (device output), 112*9 degree (SDK output)
Pixel Resolution: 320*24 (device output), 480*24 (SDK output)
Frame Rate: 20fps
Response Time: 200ms
Ranging Resolution: 1cm
Detecting Range: 0.1~4m
Accuracy: ≤6cm
Repeatability(1σ): ≤4cm
Ambient Light Resistance: 60k lux
Data Interface: TCP
Operating Temperature: 0~50ºC
Supply Voltage: DC 12V(≥2A)
Power Consumption: ≤6W
Dimensions: 79*47*50mm
Enclosure Rating: IP65
Eye Safety Class: Risk group 0 in accordance with EN 62471
Weight: 219g

Principle of Ranging
The ranging principle of CE30 is based on Time of Flight (TOF). The modulated near-infrared light is emitted from CE30, which will be reflected by an object and received by CE30 again. CE30 calculates the phase difference and time difference between the emitted and received light, which will be converted to the clearance of the shot scene.

Output Performance
By default, CE30-C outputs a depth image and corresponding intensity data for each pixel in each measurement. Figure 3 shows the actual scene captured by normal grayscale camera (upper), the same scene captured by CE30-C and showed through depth image (middle), and the point cloud based on CE30-C’s depth image (bottom, from the observation direct that a little higher than the CE30-C’s position).

The output depth map is filtered according to pixels’ signal strength, rejecting untrusted data and zeroing the corresponding pixels. This is the reason for the irregularity of objects’ edge. Depth data measurement also use high dynamic range (HDR) technology to expand the measurement range. In the CE30-C, the exposure time of each adjacent two pixel rows is set to different period. One is long and another is short: pixels with longer exposure time can reliably measure distant objects, and overexposure happens when measuring short-range objects; pixels with shorter exposure time can reliably detect objects in close range but will be underexposure when measure distant objects. Therefore, when measuring an object at a certain distance, generally only one row of pixels in each adjacent two pixel rows has normal data output, forming the black stripe patterns of the depth image.

Outdoor Uses
When CE30-C is used in outdoor environment in clear weather, due to the interference of ambient light, CE30-C’s close blind zone, measurement error and standard deviation will increase. In the condition of 44kLux illumination outdoor environment, where CE30-C is tested back to the sun to detect 90% reflectivity whiteboard directly illuminated by sunlight, overexposure blind zone increases to 50cm; measurement accuracy increases to about 8cm and repeatability increases to about 7cm.

Typical Application:
Robot Anti-collision
AGV/UGV/Mobile Robotics Obstacles Avoidance
Short Distance Trigger

Wheel Ahead Detection / Alert

Road condition detection/inspection

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Benewaek CE30 introduction video

CE30-C Solid State LiDAR for low obstacle avoidance, anti-collision, obstacles bypassing, target following, counting, etc.:


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Benewake is a high-tech corporation dedicated to LiDAR for Robots and drones/UAV/UAS. Our company is specializing in R&D, manufacturing and sales of ToF LiDAR distance ranging sensor. Our Lidar products have mass production and deployment with high customer satisfaction.

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