SUBLUE Navbow Smart Underwater Scooter with Action Camera Mount OLED Display – Red


Featuring with ergonomically designed bow shape, speed, and strength, giving you the maximum flexibility in the water.

SUBLUE Navbow Smart Underwater Scooter with Action Camera Mount OLED Display – Red

The SUBLUE NAVBOW Underwater Scooter is mainly for diving enthusiasts. Featuring with ergonomically designed bow shape, speed, and strength, giving you the maximum flexibility in the water. The underwater photography platform allows for mounts and accessories so that underwater photographic equipment is no longer a burden, freeing you to record more memories.

3-Speed Switch

2 m/s (4.47mph) Max speed, 40 m  (131 ft), all these remarkable specifications to make sure the powerful performance you are looking for. Quickly switch between three speeds (FREE, SPORT, TURBO) to find new thrills underwater.

  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE: 75 minutes of battery life, 3-speed switch, 2m/s (4.47mph) Max speed, 40m (131ft), all these remarkable specifications guarantee the powerful performance you are looking for. Quickly switch between three speeds (FREE, SPORT, TURBO) to find new thrills underwater. Top speed at 2m/s (4.47mph), as fast as the men’s 200m freestyle world champion. The max 75 mins battery life (per single charge) delivers the ultimate underwater experience.
  • SINGLE-HAND CONTROL: Supports single-hand control with DTC kit (D-ring buckle and tow cord), which enables the user to help relieve ear pressure (equalize). Adjust a regulator, or film while driving underwater, now is possible.
  • OLED DISPLAY: Allows you to have a quick view of the operating status. The OLED displays data including speed, battery life, hand operation mode, and operating time continuously.
  • COMPATIBLE: Universal interface, compatible with almost ALL action cameras in the market. Equipped with lights and balance weight etc. is also possible. SAFE: With the low battery alert, the unit will flash and vibrate if low on battery life.
  • The battery of Sublue’s underwater product is waterproof if it is set up correctly to accord with the user manual. However, the battery compartment is not watertight seal design, so water gets in there is under normal circumstances. Water in the battery compartment would NOT damage the battery or the product.

Get fully immersed in the underwater world while easily gliding through the waterless oxygen consumed, more fun in the water.

Private family time in the pool! Now even the kids can have a great time for some fancy swimming styles. Great way to have a fun sport time when staying at home.

Single Hand Control – Supports one-hand control DTC kit ( D-ring buckle and tow cord ) that enables the user to help relieve ear pressure, adjust regulator, or film while driving underwater.

OLED Data Display – The OLED displays data including speed, battery power, hand operation mode, and running time continuously.

Up To 75 Mins Battery Life – The max 75 mins battery life ( per single charge ) delivers the ultimate underwater experience. The unit also features a low battery alert that will flash and vibrate the unit.

Compatible Action Camera – It can be equipped with various action cameras, lights, and balance weight, etc. Featured accessories are available for underwear photography platform.

Check Before Use

  • Check the device to see if there any damage to the device, loosening of safety net, fracture of a propeller blade, scratch, or damage of the battery sealing pad swollen battery or leakage every time before using the device.
  • Check the battery, two start buttons, and a multi-function switch. Check whether the propeller works normally after starting the device. Check whether the speed switch works normally. Seabow uses a lithium battery, Please fully charge the battery before using Seabow for the first time. It takes 3.5h to fully charge the battery.

Common Faults And Troubleshooting

  1. Propeller blockage: Switch off the device, check whether the propeller with foreign objects, and proceed with the “the cleaning after use” steps.
  2. Stain on battery contacts: Check whether there is damage around the mental cover, check whether there is damage to the sealing pads, and wipe the stain with a dry cloth if minor.
  3. Unable to switch on the device: Fully charge the battery, install the battery and try switching it on again.
  4. Abnormal display: Make sure that the battery is charged, restart the device.
  5. Abnormal operation: Check whether you have switched hand operation mode, restart the device.


  • Model name: Navbow
  • Dimension: L12.87 x W19.13 x H6.96 ( Inches )
  • Host weight: 7.49 lb
  • Battery weight: 2.42 lb
  • Speed: Free 1 m/s ( 2.24 mph ), Sport 1.5 m/s ( 3.36 mph ), Turbo 2 m/s( 4.47 mph ).

Attention: Before using this product, please check all the above items carefully.

List Of Package

  • Underwater scooter
  • Lithium Battery
  • Charging Station
  • Adapt & wear
  • Safety Leash
  • Counterbalance Weight Bar & Holder
  • D-ring Converter
  • Explanation Material
  • Single Hand Operation Lanyard


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The Sublue Story

Sublue designs and manufactures innovative underwater scooters and drones in the forefront of industrial technology research and development. We determine to create a new lifestyle of exploring the underwater worlds. Sublue’s two innovative product lines redefine an amusement of discovering underwater worlds with over 190 technical patents supported for life adventures, travellers and environmentalists. By constantly recreating its products, Sublue provides the most technologically advanced and user-first experience for all its consumers. The portable, compact devices are incredibly powerful and create a unique underwater experience.

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