Skin Developer Kit

How the TACTIGON Skin Developer Kit Idea was born

From a request of a child:

“Dad, can you build me a controller to command a robot? I want to be like Iron Man!” was the question.

The first ten seconds of embarrassment have been supplanted by dad’s pride in the past of a geek.

The shopping list: many shields, gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer, Bluetooth.

Low energies are needed. There are many technologies on the market, but none contains all of them, and above all, none fits the need for a procedure that is not too complicated.

“I wanted to make a simple, small and fashionable design device. I wanted it to be used at work and home to play with my daughter,” Massimiliano Bellino.

“I designed a device that is easy to put on and take off, but a clothespin inspired me because this shape allows you to wear T-Skin very quickly and use it immediately. In addition, the ergonomic shape allows you to use four fingers as if you were playing the guitar or even to use two devices (right hand and left hand) for more advanced applications “.